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  1. Hello i have a Rankup server,I want to give a player a ADM rank,but i dont want to he lose her rankup,how i can give he 2 RANKS.
  2. Trying using a more updated permission plugin like LuckPerms which allows for multiple groups to be added and having full control over who has what and allowing a player to have the permissions from multiple groups.
  3. you can make the second-rank inherit the first-rank,
    you can also make players inherit other ranks as well. this is all in groupmanager
  4. True, using /manuaddsub <Username> <group> to add multiple ranks after the primary group has been added. I only mentioned OP getting LuckPerms as it's more current and updated whereas development for GroupManager stopped a long time ago.
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  5. I do understand keep up-to-date with things but group manager is pretty well-built and does what it's supposed to do