GroupManager not working

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  1. Hey so basically I need help because whenever I create a group in groupmanager when I move to it, for example creating the group 63, it would say 63 when I speak without making a prefix, and when I use a prefix, it says 63, then the prefix I used for example &4&l63
    It doesnt let me remove the first 63 and I need help w/ that
  2. First of all, why you use GroupManager and not PermissionsEx or even LuckPerms? I never used GroupManager before, so I can't give a solid answer.
  3. GroupManager is over two years out of date. Using a supported and modern permissions plugin would probably solve a lot of your problems.
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  4. But I don't know how to use things like pex and stuff
  5. Niall7459


    If your using essentials chat I believe that there’s an option that adds the prefix to the display name hence the duplicate. You could try changing that to false so only a single one appears. Adding the plain group name sounds like essentialschat

    do you think you could post the EssentialsChat config section so I can take a look?
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