Groupmanager prefix

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by minecrafters, May 11, 2015.

  1. so i do command /manuaddv TTACsniper1234 prefix &b&l[Owner]
    and it says it has been changed!
    then it dont change on my name or anyone elses any ideas?
  2. Can you please post your Essentials Config.
  3. why???? it should be able to do it via comand!
  4. Post your logs.
  5. Why post your Essentials config? What you need to do is
    1) Make sure your default world is called "world"
    2) Still not fixed? Go to plugins/GroupManager/world and open the users.yml
    and delete everything IN it (Not it self) and type
    then hit save
  6. The reason I asked for the Essentials Config is because you may have formatted the chat format incorrectly.
  7. @TagByte Well if you have the most recent update of Essentials that doesn't matter.
    {DISPLAYNAME} &8ยป &7&o{MESSAGE}
  8. He needs to provide more info.
  9. like what?????? there aint nothing i c an do what info logs wont show nothing excpt that it worked i have had this problem before then the next day it worked!?
  11. Do u change da group of that player,It may help,use /manuadd
  12. Can you post your plugins. Do you have a EssentialsChat installed?