GroupManager prefixes not working

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  1. I started up a new server to test some of my plugins and it seems that when I do

    /mangaddv Member prefix &6[&eMember&6] &e

    It doesn't seem to add a prefix. I haven't tested the permissions yet. It may be because I don't have essentials installed? I don't want to get essentials so if I need essentials for GroupManager let me know of another grouping plugin BESIDES PEX. Thanks.
  2. Group manager is not kept up anymore you really should use a permissions manager what are your issues with PEX? Maybe I can help?
  3. PEX is so confusing I don't like how people with OP don't get all the perms and you can like add people to groups but you have to remove them from old groups and it is all so confusing
  4. Yea I used to think that too that it was confusing... there is a config setting to give op all perms by default. The reason they have it set that way is security... so if some how someone got op they couldn't ruin your perms. As for the adding and removing you can set it up so you can do promote and it will automatically remove the old rank and add the new PEX def is more complex but its kept uptodate and there is great documentation.. I am willing to give you some help if you don't understand it after reading through the documents
  5. Use PEX its alot better
  6. They both rely on essentials, and I don't like using essentials
  7. @BillyBob9876 PEX doesnt rely on essentials... essentials relies on pex...
  8. Thats not true. I have used essentials before with GroupManager instead of Pex and it works fine. Pex doesnt work without essentials I get an error saying it is missing a dependancy called essentials. Now I make my own plugins instead of using essentials though so neither work
  9. @BillyBob9876

    If you code plugins then you know the function of the plugin.yml and how it works? So here is PEX's plugin.yml for your enjoyment...

    Code (Text):
    name: PermissionsEx
    main: ru.tehkode.permissions.bukkit.PermissionsEx
    softdepend: ["NetEvents"]
    version: "1.23.4"
    author: [t3hk0d3, zml]
    description: PermissionsEx - New powerful users and groups permissions management plugin.
        description: Provides access to Permissions commands and information.
        usage: |
               /<command> - Display help
               /<command> reload - Reload environment
               /<command> report - Report an issue with PEX
               /<command> config <node> [value] - Print or set <node> [value]
               /<command> backend - Print currently used backend
               /<command> backend <backend> - Change permission backend on the fly (Use with caution!)
               /<command> hierarchy [world] - Print complete user/group hierarchy
               /<command> import <backend> - Import data from <backend> into currently selected backend
               /<command> convert uuid - Bulk convert user data to UUID-based storage
               /<command> toggle debug - Enable/disable debug mode
               /<command> help [page] [count] - PermissionsEx commands help
               /<command> users list - List all registered users
               /<command> users - List all registered users (alias)
               /<command> user - List all registered users (alias)
               /<command> user <user> - List user permissions (list alias)
               /<command> user <user> list [world] - List user permissions
               /<command> user <user> superperms - List user actual superperms
               /<command> user <user> prefix [newprefix] [world] - Get or set <user> prefix
               /<command> user <user> suffix [newsuffix] [world] - Get or set <user> suffix
               /<command> user <user> toggle debug - Toggle debug only for <user>
               /<command> user <user> check <permission> [world] - Checks player for <permission>
               /<command> user <user> get <option> [world] - Toggle debug only for <user>
               /<command> user <user> delete - Remove <user>
               /<command> user <user> add <permission> [world] - Add <permission> to <user> in [world]
               /<command> user <user> remove <permission> [world] - Remove permission from <user> in [world]
               /<command> user <user> swap <permission> <targetPermission> [world] - Swap <permission> and <targetPermission> in permission list. Could be number or permission itself
               /<command> user <user> timed add <permission> [lifetime] [world] - Add timed <permissions> to <user> for [lifetime] seconds in [world]
               /<command> user <user> timed remove <permission> [world] - Remove timed <permission> from <user> in [world]
               /<command> user <user> set <option> <value> [world] - Set <option> to <value> in [world]
               /<command> user <user> group list [world] - List all <user> groups
               /<command> user <user> group add <group> [world] [lifetime] - Add <user> to <group>
               /<command> user <user> group set <group> [world] - Set <group> for <user>
               /<command> user <user> group remove <group> [world] - Remove <user> from <group>
               /<command> users cleanup <group> [threshold] - Clean users of specified group, which last login was before threshold (in days). By default threshold is 30 days.
               /<command> group <group> swap <permission> <targetPermission> [world] - Swap <permission> and <targetPermission> in permission list. Could be number or permission itself
               /<command> groups list [world] - List all registered groups
               /<command> groups - List all registered groups (alias)
               /<command> group - List all registered groups (alias)
               /<command> group <group> weight [weight] - Print or set group weight
               /<command> group <group> toggle debug - Toggle debug mode for group
               /<command> group <group> prefix [newprefix] [world] - Get or set <group> prefix.
               /<command> group <group> suffix [newsuffix] [world] - Get or set <group> suffix
               /<command> group <group> create [parents] - Create <group> and/or set [parents]
               /<command> group <group> delete - Remove <group>
               /<command> group <group> parents [world] - List parents for <group> (alias)
               /<command> group <group> parents list [world] - List parents for <group>
               /<command> group <group> parents set <parents> [world] - Set parent(s) for <group> (single or comma-separated list)
               /<command> group <group> parents add <parents> [world] - Set parent(s) for <group> (single or comma-separated list)
               /<command> group <group> parents remove <parents> [world] - Set parent(s) for <group> (single or comma-separated list)
               /<command> group <group> - List all <group> permissions (alias)
               /<command> group <group> list [world] - List all <group> permissions in [world]
               /<command> group <group> add <permission> [world] - Add <permission> to <group> in [world]
               /<command> group <group> set <option> <value> [world] - Set <option> <value> for <group> in [world]
               /<command> group <group> remove <permission> [world] - Remove <permission> from <group> in [world]
               /<command> group <group> timed add <permission> [lifetime] [world] - Add timed <permission> to <group> with [lifetime] in [world]
               /<command> group <group> timed remove <permission> [world] - Remove timed <permissions> for <group> in [world]
               /<command> group <group> users - List all users in <group>
               /<command> group <group> user add <user> [world] - Add <user> (single or comma-separated list) to <group>
               /<command> group <group> user remove <user> [world] - Add <user> (single or comma-separated list) to <group>
               /<command> default group [world] - Print default groups for specified world
               /<command> set default group <group> <value> [world] - Set whether a group is default for specified worlds
               /<command> group <group> rank [rank] [ladder] - Get or set <group> [rank] [ladder]
               /<command> promote <user> [ladder] - Promotes <user> to next group on [ladder]
               /<command> demote <user> [ladder] - Demotes <user> to previous group or [ladder]
               /<command> worlds - Print loaded worlds
               /<command> world <world> - Print <world> inheritance info
               /<command> world <world> inherit <parentWorlds> - Set <parentWorlds> for <world>
        description: Permission ladder promotion command.
        usage: |
               /<command> <user> - Promotes <user> to next group
        description: Permission ladder demotion command.
        usage: |
               /<command> <user> - Demotes <user> to previous group
            description: Apply this permission to players who should not have pex regex-based permission matching apply
            default: false
    No where ANYWHERE does it say ESSENTIALS and if you still do not believe

    @zml here lets ask ZML the main developer of PEX

    Does PEX require essentials to work correctly?
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  10. Oh wait, it was GroupManager that said that xD

    Either way PEX didn't work when I tried it on my server
  11. To all you a-holes replying with 'use PEX, it's better' need to gtfo.. this is a thread for the GroupManager plugin. Constructive feedback is appreciated. Having an issue myself, where no matter what I do, the prefix is always [default].... can't figure it out...