groupmanager ranks not showing

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  1. so i just did my groupmanager ranks (on the third time they finally stoped going to broken.yml. third times the charm) but now they dont work! i went into my server and i manuadded my alt account to rank "VIP"
    it gave me the message: scmc1943 has been moved to VIP in all_unamed_worlds.
    i typed exactly /manuadd scmc1943 vip (capitals just like that)
    but it doesent show the prefix, or the permissions, and when i do /list it shows the account as default!

    please help meh
  2. wait it shows the permissions... but not the prefix or the rank on /list
  3. Do you use EssentialsX & EssentialsXChat?
  4. Install Vault, as it's required for GroupManager's prefixes and suffixes to work.
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  5. Make sure to have a chat plugin and vault
  6. yes i did that.

    oh ok ill try that thank you!!
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  7. Also, please in the name of lord stop using GM. Use LuckPerms or PEX or something.
  8. You can't really tell people to stop using a plugin, it doesn't matter if other plugins are better. It's what works for that person smh.
  9. I would recommend you use permissionsEx
  10. Who uses pex in 2018? LuckPerms is really good compared to pex
  11. I do not use LuckPerms, but i using in my test server. The main server i use the GroupManager and works perfectly.
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  12. Those people are all choosing to use an inferior solution then.