GroupManager to Pex site?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Arc, May 26, 2015.

  1. Arc


    I know there is this one but it doesn't work for just Users.
    Doesn't work for users, just for groups (As far as I know, I never tested it.)

    I've seen people do it for money but it's a lot of work for someone to do mine unless they're able to regex it and I don't have money. I know, it's an instant turn off for people wanting to make money. Sorry guys.

    Do you guys know any websites or something that would work?

    Basically my GM consists of;

    lastname: Conner
    group: Owner
    - Blacksmith
    - Warrior
    - -nametags.*

    And would need to be converted to look like;

    - VIP
    - essentials.delhome
    - update.received1
    name: MrTomTomHD

    (Not the exact group change from Owner to VIP, this is only a one person example, or well two people, one from each config)

    Any ideas guys? I know subgroups don't exist in PEX, just multiple groups in one group.

    Would PEX auto convert this? I don't think it would but you never really know.
  2. Also it would be perferred if you use the site to convert your groups into pex so I can focus on editting users =)
  3. Arc


    That's the thing, I have a pex groups different than the users of the groupmanager, and was going to make the users the same as the PEX groups using replace all in notepad++, but I'm not advanced enough in Regex to change the users of GM to the users of PeX.
  4. Regex? all I need is your groups converted and your users files so i can paste them into a Pex format...
  5. Arc


    Alright, got skype? mine is not.arc if you want to add me, or well if you feel emailing you is more professional for your benefit I will do as you wish.
  6. email i have no skype.