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  1. Hi! I currently don't own a Minecraft server, but I am curious, so... I wanted to know how server owners get players on their server.

    For example, you just released a new server, you didn't do any advertising before - how will you get your server with active players?

    Any promotion tips , websites etc. I just have few ideas in my head of how to get players. Most importantly - how to grow you server and make it fun & successful! If you have any opinion or tip's please reply!

    Thanks! ;)

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  3. Thank you! :)
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  4. get more mini games
  5. Not really what I want my server to have...
  6. Advertising always works. Create social media accounts. But remember: You need to give the players a reason why they should play on your and not on any other server
  7. Thank you for ideas! (y):D
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