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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Joeldesante, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Hi, I have been working on a server for a while now and recently, my staff and I have decided to open up our survival node for public use. The first two days we were open we did great! Players would join, stay on for hours and then return the next day. This cycle would continue until nearly three or so days later where our new player count began to fall significantly and those who did join would enter spawn, look around, refuse to talk or interact (even after being asked: "How are you?", "Let me know if you need anything", etc) and then just leave and never return.

    Now we aren't gaining any new players and I cant seem to find any better ways to advertise other than using server lists, Minecraft Discord, and google ads/reddit ads, which are all equally ineffective.

    So my question is, how can I put my server in front of potential player's eyes (for a relatively cheap price) and how can I retain these players?

    Also, what are good things to do to make a good first impression?

    Lastly, what makes a server fun to most players. I've been trying to make a server that would be fun for me, but I've found that whats fun for me doesn't seem to appeal to many.

    Any help is apprciated!
  2. Discord and youtube ads; Going to cost you some money.

    To get a good first impression, you will want to build hype over your release. Don't constantly run the server as that just spreads the player play time out, thus making it not fun for the one or two people on the server at a time. If you release, you'll get a surge of players (hopefully), and people will think your server is doing well, and they will want to play more etc.

    If you need help in terms of game design, I can't write it all out here. Contact me on discord if you're interested: Lotus#0005