Spigot GrowingWorld 1.0.3

Start in a 10x10 area and grow your world by getting advancements!

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    GrowingWorld - Start in a 10x10 area and grow your world by getting advancements!

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  2. So I'm interested in the concept behind this plugin but with perhaps some modifications, let me know what you're thoughts are:

    A system where when you spawn, you are only given the world border 10x10 or as configured, and allow either A) an item system where a specific item when used would increase the border (could be dropped from mobs, or dropped by other method/plugin or B) kill a configured number of certain mobs to increase the border or C) decrease the border-size with each player death until a minimum size.

    Thanks for the effort you've put into the plugin thus far!
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  3. That does sound very interesting! Since the mechanic regarding growing the worldborder would be that much different from the concept of this plugin, I think it would be best to split that up into a different plugin.

    I'd be able to reuse the core of this plugin for it, so it shouldn't take much longer than a day.

    How would you feel about that?
  4. This is your ship I'm just excited to get a ticket aboard! :D
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  5. Whoops, that's awkward... Gonna fix it in a second. Can confirm that it is indeed still the older version.
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    Bugfix: Recipe advancements would not work.

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