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  1. Hey guys. So I'm currently working on a minigame, and when trying to use GSON to serialize (and deserialize) my Generator object which just generates items, I am getting a StackOverflowError. I've Googled to no avail, so am looking for help here. The problem is likely a dumb move from me, not making a field transient or something (although I'm using a manual TypeAdapter which shouldn't be affected by transient fields AFAIK).

    This is the error (repeats a couple of hundred times to fill up most of the console)
    Code (Text):
    [18:58:03 WARN]: olve($Gson$
    I know how to read a stack-trace, and from what I can tell it's nothing to do with my code, the closest piece of info I could find after Googling was that there's some sort of recursive field dependencies. Originally I was serializing the contents of my Locations class (which I still intend to do, I simply changed it for debugging), which has a Set of all the Generators. Same error as only serializing one generator. Also, these are the only fields in my Generator class so I don't think it's recursive dependencies:

    Code (Java):
    private final GeneratorType generatorType;
        private final Location[] locations;
        private final Location root;

        //* For serialization purposes
        private final boolean withHologram;
        private transient final AtomicInteger timeUntilEvolve;
        private transient final Placeholder time;
        private transient final Placeholder level;
        private transient AtomicInteger previousUpgradeTimes;
        private transient long timer;
        private GeneratorTier tier;
        private transient ScheduledFuture dropFuture;
        private transient Hologram h;
    Finally, here's the contents of my GeneratorSerializer class (YES it has been registered in GsonBuilder before you ask :p):

    Code (Java):
    public class GeneratorSerializer extends TypeAdapter<Generator> {

        public GeneratorSerializer() {

        public void write(JsonWriter out, Generator value) throws IOException {
            if (value.isWithHologram()) {
    //        val locs ="locations").beginArray();
    //        int x = 0;
    //        locs.endArray();

        @SuppressWarnings ("unchecked")
        public Generator read(JsonReader in) throws IOException {
            Hologram hologram = null;
            GeneratorType type = null;
            Location root = null;
            String nextName;
            do {
                nextName = in.nextString();
                switch (nextName.toLowerCase()) {
                    case "hologram":
                        String s = in.nextString();
                        hologram = Bedwars.getManager().getHologram(s);
                    case "type":
                        type = GeneratorType.valueOf(in.nextString());
                    case "root":
                        root = Bedwars.getGson().fromJson(in.nextString(), Location.class);
            } while (in.hasNext());
            Validate.notNull(type, "GeneratorType");
            Validate.notNull(root, "Root Location");
            if (hologram == null) {
                return new Generator(root.getBlock(), type, false);
            return new Generator(root.getBlock(), type, true);


    As always, any help would be massively appreciated (as this is incredibly annoying issue), so thanks guys :D
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    As far as I'm aware, this is due to Location not being GSON-friendly in terms of serialization. Keep in mind that Location holds a reference to World and GSON serializes all non-transient non-static fields... including the World. That's a lot of data. You're going to want to write a type adapter for World to serialize it as a name and deserialize it as a World from a name (Bukkit#getWorld(String)). See JsonSerializer<World> and JsonDeserializer<World>
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  3. @2008Choco You are a life-saver - thanks a lot!
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