Guardian's Ugly Face

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    How do I do the Elder Guardian jumpscare thing?
    I'm pretty sure it is the MobDisplay packet, but im not sure :/
  2. What do you mean jumpscare? Are you saying you want to spawn an Elder Guardian right in front of a player's face?
  3. Nope... thats definitly not what he wants he wants the overlay the guardian makes when it gives you mining fatigue, it would be some sort of effect but I cant remember which I used to be able to do it in command blocks but I cant anymore :/
  4. Ah, well I have not been in a water temple in survival in 1.8 yet, so I don't know what the Elder Guardian jumpscare is :p
  5. @FloThePony im not quite sure.. but i think you need the ParticleEffect (can't remember the name) lib thing
  6. @T0X1C if you *needed* a library to do something, how would that library have done it without itself?
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  7. The Elder Guardian "jumpscare" isn't a particle effect.
  8. He means this, go to 3:00 on this video...
  9. Hmm... I read this topic and I was thinking something totally different!

    Am I the only one old enough here to know about the other Guardian, and 'his' ugly face? :)

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  10. Yeah I know what he's talking about. It's still not a particle effect.
    I'm looking through the list of packets to see if there's one for a Elder Guardian.
    I'll also try playing around with spawning them in-game. I'll let you know of my result.

    Some more info on the Elder Guardian, it's an effect that runs every minute and checks for any players within a 50 block radius.
  11. I cant seem to find anything so far. Also, I never said it was a particle effect...
  12. Talking about this guy here

    Edit: Didn't find anything too serious regarding creating the "jumpscare" using packets. Maybe it has something to do with PacketPlayOutEntityEffect? Tried playing with it... never got it to work ;/
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  13. I know it doesn't make much sense but it is a particle :p (Nr 4 from the bottom)

    You could use this packet:

    Example Code:
    Code (Text):
            float f = 0; // Not used; The mob apperance is always in front of the player
            float data = 0;// This is also not used for this effect :P
            float count = 1; //Don't think that this is used either :P
            PacketPlayOutWorldParticles packet = new PacketPlayOutWorldParticles(EnumParticle.MOB_APPEARANCE, false, f, f, f, f, f, f, data, count);
            //Normally you can do this without packets by using the player.spigot().playEffect(...); But it doesn't seem that the Effect.MOB_APPERANCE has been added yet
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  14. I have seen it in ParticleEffect
  15. I'm sorry, I was mistaken.