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    Guess N Draw - A drawing game for you and your friends

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  2. omg is great test server, i played and work fine.

    Logo's in imgur is possible change ? ( Guess N Draw and By ploxh4d)
  3. em is this multiworld compatible or not?
  4. Hi,

    I dont know if this is possible but could you make it so you could uploud your picture to ?
  5. yes is possible, in test server.
  6. for what do you mean of useing multiverse?
  7. No, it isn't because its like my own trademark but going to make a more nicely logo in the next updates :)
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    Guess N Draw

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  9. yes with multiverse or multiworld plugin instead of bungee
  10. ouh that's not possible sry, its only a game that needs 1 server
  11. can you make it to work with mutliverse?
    because i like this plugin very much :)
  12. No sorry, otherwise it will take too much time.
    If you have other idea's for some feature updates then you're welcome to post them :)
  13. Hello
    I need some changes in your plugin i have bought from you:

    1. I need to be able change how long players wait for game start when there is already enought players (now it is 30 seconds and i can't change it)
    2. Possibility to change how much time player has to draw picture.
    3. Possibility to change how fast plugin shows help in action bar, because it's too fast now. (also being able to remove this help wont be bad)
    4. After game ends, there is advertisement on your plugin in chat. If you plugin was free i'll be fine with it, but since i've paid for it i don't want any advertisements on my server.
    5. When picture that player draw is uploaded on Imagur, there's text GuessNDraw on it and By PLOXH4d i would like also being able to change this to our own logo.

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  14. First of all, learn to english. Second learn to programm. Third if you post a plugin into premium section you should be extra careful to the requests of the users who bought your plugin. And there should not be any ads for users who bought it. I am going to report your plugin for breaking rules of premium section.

    Yes, I have not purchased your plugin but my closed friend Monty70 has, but he cannot speak English very well.
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  15. Post has been removed by me, i did not really read it after posting sorry about that.
    Only wanted to give information about that i do update's and going to add some of these asked things but i don't want to add all of them.
    When more people like the idea / changing then i will agree with it, but it was mostly because of the logo thingy which i wanted to make a one of my own type of logo, but when more people like the idea with adding a personal own logo then i will add it.
    :) hope you know what i mean
  16. Also wanted to announce that i removed the credits thing for everyone which will be available in the next update