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  1. How can I reset the location of an itemstack in a GUI without reopening it?
  2. What do you mean by resetting the location?
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  3. Set it to null? As in
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    inventory.setItem(slot, null);
    Or you can just completely replace it without setting it to null by just setting it to another item.
  4. You can create a new inventory with a different position of the item, and make the player open it.
  5. Honestly you can just keep a reference to the Inventory object, and manipulate it using (as @Virizion said) setItem(oldSlot, null) and setItem(newSlot, the item). The inventory should update itself without having to close/reopen.
  6. From what I leanred you can't just change the item in the gui you have to change it in the players opened gui. Like so:
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    player.getOpenInventory().setItem(Inetger, ItemStack);