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  1. Hello there,

    although I've seen plenty flying around here, I wanted to share with you my class for creating Inventories. It supports all versions of CraftBukkit and Spigot. From Version 1.4.x.

    1. Put this class into your Project
    2. Register the Listener in your Main-Class with:
      Code (Text):
      Bukkit.getPluginManager().registerEvents(AdvInventory.getListener(), plugin);

    How to use:
    1. Make a new Object of Type AdvInventory. Like this:
      Code (Text):
      AdvInventory inventory = new AdvInventory(title: String , size: int, placeholder: ItemStack);
      title is the Title seen on top of the Inventory
      size is the size of the Inventory. This needs to be divisible by 9 without 0 (9, 18, 27,...)
      placeholder is a placeholder to put everywhere before all other Items are set. An example is below, set null if you don't want one.
    2. Set Items with:
      Code (Text):
      inventory.setItem(item: ItemStack, name: String, slot: int, new ClickRunnable() {
          public void run(InventoryClickEvent e) {
              //What happens on click
      }, description: String...);
      itemstack is the ItemStack to place there
      name is the DisplayName of the Item [Optional]
      slot is the slot to place the Item
      description is the description to use [Optional]
      ClickRunnable is a class provieded by AdvInventory. Just use as above. Everything inside the Curly Braces of the run will be executed on click.
      ► Both name and description can be left out in case your ItemStack already has one
    3. Open Inventory to Player with:
      Code (Text):
      inventory.openInventory(player: Player);

    Additional Methods:
    • Inventory: getSourceInventory - to get the Bukkit-Inventory the AdvInventory is based on
    • Integer: getSize - to get the Size
    • void: removeItem - to remove an Item from a Slot
    • void: setItem - to manually set an Item without any ClickEvent
    Code (Text):
    public static ItemStack placeholder(DyeColor d, String n) {
        ItemStack placeholder = new ItemStack(Material.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, 1, d.getData());
        ItemMeta placeholdermeta = placeholder.getItemMeta();
        return placeholder;
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  2. Good job, I'm sure someone will find this useful =)
  3. to get more people to see this post, i would recommend changing the title to something like

    [UTIL] GUI Creator with Item Listeners

    because the current title makes it seem like a confusing thing to create inventories like furnace and crafting inventories... i mean... think about yourself stumbling upon a post that starts with "AdvInventory.class"

    i just got confused and stopped trying to read it xD

    the above is mainly a suggestion to help you get more people to see the post! its a great post and i think
    a lot of people will find it useful but won'tbe able to find it without the right keywords
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  4. Forgot the example I mentioned, added it.
  5. hmm, good tutorial
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  6. Fun fact: I had to look up into my own API because I needed this API for a small project for a friend.
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  7. You know, to add all item flags to an item's meta you can simply do meta.addItemFlags(ItemFlag.values()) ;p. Still a nice resource though.
  8. What are the uses of "currentOpen" ?
    It is just used to count the inventories opened ?
  9. There's an error on line 30:

    Code (Text):
    new AdvInventory(name, size, null);
    should be

    Code (Text):
    this(name, size, null);
    as otherwise a new object is being created but we cant access it
  10. Very usefull, thank you very much :)