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  1. is there a bungee GUI and if not how would i go about creating this then takeing the player to anoither server on the bungee network.
  2. Use chest commands, make a GUI with it
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  4. You can't create an inventory GUI directly in bungeecord, create a spigot plugin and use the bungee messaging Channel like @Inkzzzmc said.
  5. I can't use it in bungeecord(
  6. You have to install it on your spigot server.
  7. I think he means he wants something like a bukkit GUI but have it for bungeecord.
  8. Bungee Plugins can't have GUI's.
  9. I mean, when I click an icon in the menu, which has command /server oitc1 nothing happens!

  11. Wrong. You can. Listen to packets, send packets on your and you're done. Afaik you'd need to create an api on your own, because there is none currently, but stating it is impossible is completely wrong.
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  12. You can't run a plugin by bungeecord with a GUI, that isn't possible
  13. Your "BungeeCord plugins cant have guis" messages are all wrong, when you do it with packets it can, dont belive me? look my resources (FriendSystem)
  14. ^ Nothing left to say.
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  15. Haha xD
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  16. Yes with that, but not installed on your Bungeecord. You need then to install the plug in on every spigot server to havensure it gloval :p
  17. no? i just create and openinventory packet on my bungeecord server and send it to a proxiedplayer.
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  18. Leftwitch is correct. It is possible to for you to send (and receive) packets using the BungeeCord. allowing you to make custom GUI's like ChestCommand without the bukkit API. is an interesting API if you want to get started on it
  19. Of corse can have bungeeplugins a gui. The plug in from James Anderson is outdatet and also a copy from Bungee Utility (BungeeUtil ) Google for it und you will find it.