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  1. I'm having an issue with the DeluxeMenus plugin. The text, when facing the left side, cannot be seen. However, if the text were to be facing the right side, it could be legibly on any computer screen.


    Question: Is there a way to set which side the text faces?
  2. No, that completely depends on where the item is and where are you hovering it, you can just reduce the size of the GUIs on the graphics configuration.
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  3. There is no way to combat this that I know of, I suggest changing the lore so it spreads over multiple lines (If possible with DeluxeMenus) and trying to make the name as short at possible. Trial & error is your best friend here.
  4. Yes, thare is ;)

    You can make more lines with the LORE..


    - Welcome on
    - NETWORK!

    If that is not working try chestComammands, that plugin fixed this :)

    C A C T U S J E
    S P I G O T M C
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