[GUIDE] Choosing the Right Linux Distro

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    RHEL 7 (and by extension CentOS 7) shakes this up a bit. But it will be a while before enterprise software supports RHEL 7.
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    I agree, Ubuntu has grown substantially in popularity.
  3. The fact that your "optimise windows" link in your signature linked here give me a bit of a laugh.
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  5. Also, I still disagree on the user friendliness of CentOS. It should be high, or even very high.
  6. For someone new to Linux (probably the majority of users reading this article), CentOS throws too much technical speak at them (ie. Partitions). When I was first learning Linux, CentOS was a huge pain for this reason. Ubuntu Server was fine though.
  7. I started with CentOS, and never had to do anything to do with partitions.
    But I agree that Ubuntu is a bit more friendly, but CentOS should be rated as "high".
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  8. Sometimes that little bit goes a long way though.
  9. Please read my thread. I am made the evaluations compared to the other distros.
  10. I know. But it's still very easy compared to Ubuntu and debian.
  11. No. Not at all.
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  12. How?
    It's like saying "Ubuntu is hard to use". May be wrong, but may be right too. What supports your statement?
  13. You spelt arch Linux incorrectly
  14. There's not much difference in the core system, so it only really comes down to default included software, where I quickly think of things like nano and apt.

    Apt does a lot of work for you (set up rc.d scripts etc.), where as CentOS forces you to do some stuff manually.

    While I personally am a Vi fanboy, I do think nano is much easier to use, which also gains the debian family a few extra points.
  15. Have you even used CentOS? It has it's own package managed called yum.

    yum install nano
  16. vemacs


    yum install oracle-java8-installer

    o wait

    yum install modern-version-of-python

    o wait

    usermod -a -G sudo username

    o wait
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  17. I use CentOS daily .-.
    Of course I do. Yum does far less for you compared to apt.
  18. It still shouldn't be set to "low". Medium or high is more appropriate.
  19. I guess you're right. I'll correct that.
  20. I'm using Linux Mint (started with Ubuntu but I can't stand the Unity desktop) for my own PC for servers I prefer to use Ubuntu or CentOS because they're stable and efficient
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