[GUIDE] Choosing the Right Linux Distro

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  1. Out of personal curiosity, why did you choose mint? I just can't find any good things to say about it.
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  2. I'll say why I use mint as my one and only personal computer OS.

    it's nice and easy, built off ubuntu, clean interface along with every goddamn feature customizable.
    oh and best of all: it's not windows.

    though I will always love mint, it is getting a bit to easy for me. I'll probably be going over to fedora soon.
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  3. Ah, that's true. It's not windows.

    I personally find Parabola/Arch to be really nice.
  4. Ohh, arch.

    I don't think I am quite ready nor dedicated enough to use arch yet.
    maybe arch alongside an ubuntu fork.
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  5. I think ubuntu is slightly easier than Cent for beginners, it has bash completion pre-installed as well as a neat feature where if you run a command from a package you don't have, it will tell you how to install it.
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  6. Debian's packages are older than Ubuntu's?
  7. You don't know what you're talking about. GTK is a frontend development framework, and consistent across desktop environments.
  8. KDE isn't GTK and I think unity 8 is moving away from GTK.
  9. Program frontends are made in GTK or whatever other framework is trending.
    Just because your desktop environment is moving away from it doesn't mean your other programs are. GTK will take many years to die out.
  10. By that, I meant KDE's apps use Qt and Unity's apps will use Qt in the future.
  11. Cinnamon started as a GNOME fork and uses GTK applications.
  12. Thanks for your very nice Guide!

    Keep them going.
  13. I'd like to propose a revision to your thread, please remove everything and just say "Use CentOS."
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  14. This is very helpful! You should add a poll.. :p
  15. Can I host my server off iOS 8.1.3?
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  16. Ferx


    LOL, wat.
  17. That's the best Linux distro ever. The thumb print scanner makes it extra secure!
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