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  1. We all know that with the upcoming EULA mojang have/will start targeting servers. My server has not been targeted, so I though I'd share this guide with everyone.

    List of blocked servers:

    I'm going to be real right now. The EULA is a pain in the ass and you will not make as much money because of it. Fear not, I'm here to help. I have listed a bunch of EULA compliant plugins.

    Good EULA Compliant plugins:
    Essentials - /hat, reserved slots, and more
    EchoPet - Pet plugin
    iDisguise - Mob disguise plugin
    HyEmotes - Emote plugin
    UltraCosmetics - All in one cosmetic plugin
    SuperTrails - Particle effects plugin
    Particles - Another particle effects plugin
    Booster - Server-wide boosters

    These plugins are all great, and I use almost all of them. You want to market your ranks well.

    Some other ideas for perks that don't break the EULA are:
    - Reserved slots (not 100% sure)
    - Chat slow bypass
    - Server-wide boosters/rewards (Global crate keys)

    This guide is a WIP, thanks for reading :)
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  2. What does "Blocked" servers mean btw?
  3. PhanaticD


    thanks for making this was looking for more ideas
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  4. It's a server that is on a list full of owners who didn't follow the EULA.
  5. Blocked means that players won't be able to access your server. Mojang are blocking servers which don't follow the EULA.

    No problem :)
  6. They are stupid for blocking Mineplex, Hive etc...... The most popular servers out there!
  7. They got unblocked for complying.
  8. Ahh now it makes sense, what happens when you comply? First time I really ever say this having an "issue" haha.
  9. Would XP boosters work? So they could buy a player XP booster for example Factions and it would boost their XP for the given hour.
  10. No, unless it was for the entire server.
  11. Not sure if one of the other plugins has this feature built in, but my plugin I feel is great for EULA compliancy, it allows players to change the colour of their chat, with specific permission nodes for each colour.
  12. It is! :eek:
  13. Very Informative Thread, I feel now everyone will be trying to get new EULA-Friendly Ideas, who knows, maybe some good might actually come out of the EULA :)
  14. Pretty sure the list you've linked isn't a list of previously blocked/targeted servers? Hypixel were never blocked and neither was Mineplex. They've being following the EULA for ages now. Looks like the list is just a list of known servers.
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  15. I am not sure what he meant, but when he said "Targeted" I assume that it was saying Mojang threatened them to be shut down if they didn't change stuff. Which I'm 100% Sure they did if the big servers didn't make an immediate change :)
  16. That list still isn't a targeted list, it's just a list which a tool uses to check hashes across the blacklist. That's all.
  17. Pets were classified as non EULA friendly according to @trkey in one of his posts regarding a chat he had with a Mojang employee
  18. Pet's are 100% fine unless they affect gameplay.
  19. The EULA is very strict.. Not sure what you can really do apart from pets to comply.. There are only 3 things stated in the OP's post. The first one would only be of use if you had a busy server.
  20. You can do anything that doesn't affect gameplay, in all honesty there's a lot you can do.
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