[Guide] How to change the default EssentialsX messages!

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  1. Heya Spigoteers!

    The goal of this guide is to inform you on how to customize EssentialsX messages as it can be a bit tricky for newer server owners. This guide is primarily focused on newer server owners, that’s why this guide is a bit long. Customizing these messages will give your server a more professional and unique look. Might you have any questions, don’t mind to ask me!


    - EssentialsX
    - Winrar, or something like it
    - Notepad++, or something like it

    How To

    Setting everything up – Downloading and installing Winrar and Notepad++ is really straightforward and easy, as is EssentialsX. Make sure your server has booted-up at least one time with EssentialsX in your plugins-folder. Stop your server and continue with this guide.

    Language – Before we’re going to change anything, we will first have to choose a language. If you want English you can skip to "Open the correct file" as English is the default language. Follow this paragraph if you want another language. Go to:

    Root > plugins > Essentials > and open config.yml with notepad++.

    Search or use CRTL+F and locate “locale:”, it’s located around line 281. Here you can change the default language of EssentialsX. Remove the “#” before “locale:” and change “en” to one of the following:

    English: 'en' for generic English language, 'en_GB' for GB English, 'en_US' for US English
    Czech: 'cs'
    Danish: 'da'
    German: 'de'
    Spanish: 'es'
    Finnish: 'fi'
    French: 'fr'
    Italian: 'it'
    Dutch: 'nl'
    Polish: 'pl'
    Portugese: 'pt'
    Romanian: 'ro'
    Swedish; 'sv'
    Chinese: 'zh' for modern Chinese, 'zh_HK' for Hong Kong, and 'zh_TW' for traditional Chinese

    Don’t forget to save, you may now close the config.yml file.

    Obtaining the correct file - Alright! Let’s get the actual file so we can change it. Go to your plugins folder and click with your right mouse button on the EssentialsX.jar file. Press "Open with WinRAR". If you didn’t change your language open "messages.properties" if you did change your language open "messages_(XX).properties". Don’t forget to make a backup of the file before changing it!

    Changing the file – Changing the file is straightforward but there is one little important thing and that is colors. You can’t use "&4" for dark red, you will have to use "\u00a74", weird ha? Well it’s actually not that hard, just use "\u00a7" and put the corresponding number/letter after it. Here’s a list with all available colors.

    Finishing up – Don’t forget to save the file after you’re done changing it! Might you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask.

    Good Luck!
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