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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by ShishKaBobz, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. One cannot set the welcome/join message with motd.txt xD
  2. oh s**t, sorry I was mistaken.
    but you could use CustomJoin.
  3. ... This isn't what plugin to buy, This is how to make it.
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  4. @1010bobIzCOOL you got exist stuffs why would someone re-make it(like somebody said to me)?
  5. Great ! Thank you very much !
  6. To get someone in the starts of coding.
    Hey your welcome!
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  7. thanks dude! :D i tried making this before but i failed bad ;c
  8. Btw, can u also add a config in ur next tut if there will be a next tut? :D
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  9. *starts of using spigot.
    If you are using this to start coding, you better be worrying.
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  10. Please do not make tutorials like these unless you know what you are doing. Chances are a few people who are new are going to follow this tutorial and take the practices you displayed, then follow them thinking they are correct.

    A JavaPlugin has its own Logger, and any messages logged includes the plugin name so you don't need to worry about that. Just about what you are logging. There is no need to use Logger#getLogger

    PluginBase, which JavaPlugin extends, has a nice getName() method. You should only be touching the "pdf" for the version, no need to get the name from it when there is an easier way.

    Your variable names are not nearly as descriptive as they should be. What is a "pm" ? I know its PluginManager based on the context in this situation, but you should aim for variable names that actually mean something. Because you won't always have that context.

    Why are you using the § symbol when there are ChatColors there with a purpose that you don't need to mess with that character?
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  11. Who are you?
  12. Nice job! I already know this stuff, but if I were new to Bukkit development I would definitely mess around with this as my first plugin. :)
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  13. Thanks =)
  14. Your plugin.yml is incorrect ;)

    He’s clearly @neth.
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  15. Sure it is...
  16. You act like we can't see the text that says "last edited: 5:02 PM".
  17. Who I am has no relevancy to the amount of poor practices displayed in your tutorial that people attempting to learn programming have a chance at following.
  18. That was to change the code block to java in the one part.
    Then they can use this an develop their new practices in the future.
  19. I'm sorry but thats not how it works lol. You need to view good practices in order to actually know what they are.

    Now I'm not hating on your or anything and there is nothing wrong with a lack of knowledge of course, but you just need to understand that trying to push your flawed code in front of beginners just isn't the right thing to do.
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  20. Inkzzz

    Resource Staff

    Just figured I'd respond with what's "ugly" about this code:
    - Naming conventions
    - Uses logger instance multiple times. It can be created as a class variable. If opposed, at least create a private String constant containing the logger name.
    - no use of override annotation of certain methods
    - public methods created when they should be private
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