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  1. Hello spigot users,

    Most of you know my as melemonsqueezer1, but you guys can call me melon. This will be my first guide on SpigotMC. I am posting this to answer all the threads that people post that have been posted like 100 times. I will be covering which hosts to use, and which hosts not to use. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave them in a message below.

    Dedicated hosts to use for cheap budget:
    • Kimsufi - Cheap host based off of OVH's network. Has ddos protection. Support is bad.
    • SoYouStart - Another cheap hosts based off of OVH's network. Use Either a E3-1245v2 or E3 1225v2 processor. Support is bad.
    • OVH - Use this if you are starting a minigames network or hosting company. Support is bad.
    • Hetzner - Very cheap host that has no ddos protection. They do auctions on servers. Network is fine. Processors are OK. Support is ok.
    Dedicated hosts for a more expensive budget:
    • Reliable Site - They have ok ddos protection. Their network is pretty good. They offer AMAZING servers. uptime is fine. Support is pretty good.
    • SingleHop - Never used them, but heard good things.
    Shared hosts to use:
    • Shockbyte
    • Beastnode
    • Nitrous
    • Netherbyte
    Shared hosts not to use:
    • GGServers
    • MCProhosting

    Well, I think that is about it. I posted all the hosts I know of that should be on this list. If a moderator thinks something should be added, then he can add it to this list. Also, if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to post it. Thanks for your time, and have a great day!

  2. Not bad for a first timer! Just add some more details though to make your statements seem more reasonable :)
  3. Shockbyte oversell, and still use OVH hosting.
    Nitrous DDoS protection is terrible, and their downtime is horrific.
    You're generalizing all of OVH with regards to support. I've had amazing support whenever I've used any of their subsidiaries or the actual company.
  4. ROFL

    I do get decent support, but I've never talked to them a lot - If you have a good server with no problem and you are not planning on tampering with it, it is okay for me to have no support too :)
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  5. @Qwaz and @razorkings

    Shockbyte has worked well for me. I have never had any issues. I am only saying things based on what I have read on this forum. I am also saying things based on my own personal experiences. I have used all of the hosts mentioned here except nitrous and singlehop. Also, razor, thanks for the feedback!

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