[Guide] Secure your Spigot/Bungee server [Super Easy]

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  1. Muchas Gracias :D
  2. If someone needs help or wants to add something to the guide please tell me :)
  3. Pretty sure itemfixer fixes the payload bug.
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  4. I dont think so. Custom Payload are chat packets from what i read from a dev.
  5. El Custom Payload lo arrastro solamente al bungee?
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  6. Si. Eso bloquea todos los exploits de custompayload que ocurran en la network.
  7. Thanks for including in the guide :3
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  8. EDIT: Firewall part of the guide changed from limit to allow on port 25565 (Has some problems)
  9. Gracias por la guia, excelente, sigue así man. :3

    Thanks for the guia.
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  10. Gracias :)
  11. For those who say that this guide is useless. Well... If you REALLY think that this guide is useless and you think you are the smartest person in the world, you can just try to vulnerate LinsaFTW server :)

    He puts a test server to test what you want. So, if you think you are smart enough to bypass this guide security, you can try it yourself and stop crying/complaining before trying it.

    Thanks :)
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  12. Link de mega caido .-.
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  13. Ya sera arreglado :)
  14. Listo, ya actualize el link a mi discord de pluginpacks.
  15. This is very useful!
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  16. Thank you!
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  18. Gracias :)


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