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  1. Just a quick test report that ticks-per.monster-spawns seems to be working. Setting this value to 40 result in about 2 seconds per visible new mob spawn.
    However it's the result from player feedback, it could be inaccurate as TPS is at 10. To get an accurate value, we need to write a plugin to do this.

    Spawning settings are the same with @Puremin0rez , 21 players online and distributed across the map. One of the most lagged survival worlds has 8559 chunks loaded, 2906 LivingEntities and 27873 TileEntities according to yasui status.
    I'm kind of curious about the server hardware spec of @Puremin0rez
  2. Besides lower the value for world-settings.portal-search-radius in paper.yml could help reducing lag while player is traveling through nether portal. Default is 128 which is way too big area to search a portal especially considering the chunk performance in 1.14.
    I'm not sure if paper's async chunk loading will help, but the main thread has to wait for chunk loading if it is needed anyway, according to the paper devs.

    We use 32 and there is no noticeable lag (E3-1280v5 + Optane SSD)
    Players will have to build portals at exact location as a downside, however.
  3. Thank you for the tip! Do you have more optimization settings that isn't in this thread?
  4. Configure and enable suppress-ai/ajust-random-tick rules in yasui and you are all set XDDD
    It lifted our TPS from 10 to 17 when I re-enabled it in a few minutes.
    It cannot deal with chunk performance anyway.

    And remember do not use multiple plugins that do the same thing, seriously.
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  5. Puremin0rez


    40 players average, and yes nearly all of them are ungrouped and at their own locations.

    4790K, so not even something incredible. 10GB allocated to the server.

    I'm definitely getting TPS problems on 1.14.4 without a doubt, but mob spawning has been nearly perfect for me.
  6. Cool, I've been using these values for a while, players with mob farms ( not the spawners ) are quite happy with it.
    And thanks for sharing the spec, we have a newer high clock E3 so I think the performance should be similar.

    We have to re-enable yasui to nerf the mob AI, which could lift our TPS from 10 to 17~19.
    However a paper dev told me nerfing mobs is fixing the symptom only but not doing any better to gameplay. There is a cheaper way to limit mob amount rather than nerf all the mobs.
    I'm going to check that out and update here if we made any progress.
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    The problem I have with plugins that nerf mob AI is they all work seemingly the same and essentially cause "bouncing" lag.

    They detect when the server is at a low TPS, and begin to nerf mob AI until the TPS gets to a reasonable number.... however.... once the TPS is at a reasonable number, it undoes the nerfing of the AI which just causes the TPS to drop again, leading to the same loop.

    This causes a non stop fluctuating TPS, and really doesn't fix anything.

    I will always highly recommend an entity limiting solution instead of an entity nerfing solution.
  8. Would it be better if they just constantly nerfed the mob AI instead of undoing it?
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    Then you'd have lifeless non reactive mobs everywhere and game play would be pretty broken in general :(

    I would personally rather have a lower limit of the amount of mobs I can have in my area, knowing they all react fully and work properly, rather then a ton of mobs that are constantly switching between no AI and acting bizarrely and unpredictably. Especially if it effects villagers and mob farms.
  10. That's how I realize it after paper devs talked to me.
    Because our players are always supportive, they rarely complain for the nerfing solution.
    (Actually this issue has not been so much focused, until 1.14 performance blasted out all the problem exists but ignored previously.)

    You would need a nicely tweaked configuration not to nerf those mobs that not for any kind of farms.
    And you will find villagers are now consuming the most and you can't touch them XDDD
  11. There's probably a better way of dealing with it, but that requires a large part of NMS being rewritten so the AI isn't shit
  12. For the map pre-gen part, does having the real MC world border do the same thing? If not, is there a way to /wb fill the entire map that's in the world border and not having to make a new worldborder with /wb set ?
  13. Im not some expert at this but, you should check out your plugins UltimateStacker,MFHoppers,FabledSkyBLOCK and SellChest, they are causing TPS drops.
  14. ik that but im asking if its the plugins or just 1.14.4 chunk loading that is causing the lag.
  15. electronicboy

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    The fact that those plugins are loading chunks in the first place is pretty bad, if they require chunks to be accessed, they should really consider keeping those chunks loaded instead of loading them
  16. well idk if theyre loading chunks i just meant spigot loading the chunks or does it say it is? i just saw chunkwait
  17. I don't see this in paper.yml:

    Def: false
    Opt: true
    Impact: Minor
  18. Thanks for such an awesome guide, helped me a lot!
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