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  1. 7000x7000 or 14000x14000?
    depends on the style of the server
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  2. in map pregen, what do you mean with "Leave the border so new chunks never generate"?
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    Keep the border intact so players cannot run into unloaded chunks and cause massive lag.
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  4. andrewkm

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    Bro, you trippin.
    Bows work fine for me. :unsure:

    Provide far more info and include config files.
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  6. Has 1.15.1 improved a lot? Is it possible to host lets say a Skyblock server with 70 players online on 1.15.1 or is it best to stick on 1.12.2?
  7. In terms of 1.15 improvements, 1.15.1 improved on some nasty blockdata lag in 1.15 when breaking/placing blocks in chunks. I haven't found many issues with chunk loading with several players online. Although, only down side is entities seem to cause partial lag if theres hundreds, so you'd need to have them optimized. As for whether a server could handle 70 players, I am not sure, I don't have the people to test that on. I would most definitely say it could handle more than 1.14 did though.
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  8. Hello can i ask 2gb ram can run worldborder filling? for 10000worldborder
  9. @Celebrimbor
    Hi!, here is a recomendation for the guide

    Default: 100
    Recommended: 500

    Some big survival servers has tons of itemframes and paintings and this option controls the tick update interval for hanging entities (Paintings, Item-frames, LeashKnot, etc). This helps a lot since there is a big waste on cpu for all the entities inside the tick process.

    (Side effects: item frames will float longer if removed the block that holds them)
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    Messes too much with gameplay. I prefer to just recommend using Paper since it offsets ticking these “entities” instead of trying to process them all at once.
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  11. I’ve been having issues with hoppers, had a couple crashes with cords that went to a hopper on a mob farm. Seems like this will help with mobs which in turn should help out with hoppers being overloaded on farms. Any advice?
  12. What does an optimized value for the raiders entity-activation-range look like? Or is the default of 48 good to go? And what are recommended values for the entity tracking range?
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  13. I use 32, I think that's enough to not interrupt gameplay
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  14. 1.15 performance is disastrous, it's worse than 1.14.4, TPS are a bit more stable but chunk loading is making even more lag than 1.14.4.
  15. Perhaps because of the vertical biome support now?
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    Chunk loading is significantly better on 1.15 than 1.14. Please share your timings.

    Anyone who says 1.15 is worse than 1.14 has a bad setup or is doing something wrong. It's marginally better than 1.14 server side, but definitely not worse. Client side it's significantly better.
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  17. Where does that come from ?

    What i said was the results of my own testings, lots of people asked about 1.15 performance but no one really gives an answer - no one really tested it, so i did, and those were my results, you shouldn't assume things like i have a "bad setup" or i'm "doing something wrong".

    You can do your own testings and see for yourself, for people who already have excellent timings like me, TPS doesn't really matter, i'm more concerned about chunk loading as it is more likely to cause lag spikes.
  18. No one tested it?

    We run a network of 50+ servers, trust me.. we spend multiple hours per day stress testing.

    When I for example would it has worse or better performance, it's not "a feeling" or "assumption", it's experience from testing for many hours, and I go by my findings, obtained through the best of my skills.

    Our servers are spread over shared vps, virtualDS, dedicated boxes, and systems we run at home.

    We already converted 13 servers, 2 groups; survival and creative, no faction yet. They vary from 5 users to 50 users. And a couple with over 150+ users. And the performance compared to 1.13 is very noticable, and compared to 1.14 a lot better.

    Everybody has their own experiences, and not everybody shares their findings, internal log files, or goes out of their way to tell you so You know if someone's on 1.15 or not.
  19. I wasn't answering to you, but good to know 1.15 is somehow working better for you, now we get both very different results which are interesting.

    One thing i can definitely say is that 1.12.2 is still way better in term of performance.
  20. Yes 1.12.2 is by far performing better than any version above it.