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  1. Awesome thread, very Informative!
  2. This was probably mentioned at least once in these 24 pages of a great thread, but why does it say "Avoid "anti-lag" plugins at all costs". This is ignorant but I thought they were meant to help combat the lag, I figured that having at least ClearLagg would help the lag problems if there were any left following this guide for Server Optimization.
    Thanks for the response as I will value any feedback!
  3. Instead of blindly throwing a supposed solution at a problem, analyze the problem, determine the source of the problem, then address and fix it.

    Many of these plugins cause more problems than they fix. You think the anti-lag plugin doesn't use resources on its own? If the things it's supposedly fixing weren't even causing problems in the first place, the anti-lag plugin will only make things worse.
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  4. There's also the fact the political harm they cause is not justified when there are better options.

    Such as ClearLag item removal. you harm your players experience greatly, risk them losing an item they didn't want to lose, just to solve a problem that can be solved better.

    Entity Activation Range, which is in Spigot too, you can reduce misc category and reduce the cost of items on the ground SIGNIFICANTLY.

    Items are so cheap, I boosted death drops to be up 24 hours IRL time.

    Additionally, there are server configs to even adjust rate on a per item type, so you can simply make stone and netherrack despawn faster too.

    Using these will make item ticking a thing of the past and leave everything else normal for your players.

    And then mob stackers.... Oh boy!

    Mob stackers result in the server ending up spawning more monsters, because you know that spawn limit? Yeah server wants to hit it...

    So it has room for 1 to spawn, it spawns, you stack it. Hmm,, we still have room for 1 to spawn, so it spawns... repeat.

    Mob spawning is not cheap, so by forcing it to repeat the logic more is not helping.

    Some of these stackers then go and store the NBT of the mob in memory so it can be "restored". This causes massive memory pressure (not going to directly call it a leak) destroying performance.

    Instead of using mob stackers, control your mob spawn LIMITS instead, and use plugins to control Spawners and player activity for those methods of spawning mobs that don't respect world limits.
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  5. Hey, I'm not sure if this was answered but, you need to change the speed in which it fills the chunks. I went thru the same thing, Billy from paper was a lot of help with this. Maybe talk to him.
  6. Thanks for your guide, seemed quite useful , though, im concerned about something, on the website showing the java startup flags and parameters, the author explains everything except two arguments used here :
    Code (Text):
    -Dusing.aikars.flags=https://mcflags.emc.gs -Daikars.new.flags=true
    I can't seem to find any documentation on what this does, of course it shows flags hosted on a website, but i still don't know what those two lines precisely do. if anyone can clear me up.
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    While I don't know if this is the only reason, I will give you one.

    You see, when you run timings on your paper build, you're sent to timings.aikar.co. (e.g this).
    You then notice this:

    So my guess is that the latter of those flags is to indicate that you are in fact using the flags provided by him when using his fork. And the former is to simply show where to get said flags. I'm fairly certain they do not change functionality in any way.
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  8. This is correct.
  9. Well actually partially. Timings will detect some of the important flags and print using my flags even without that addon bits.

    The main reason is because people in the community like to freak out when they see server owners using a ton of flags. I put that on there as a way to make those kind of people calm down as hopefully they will know who I am about my flags and know they are not cherry picking mixed flags off the internet, and are specifically using my set.

    It also helps serve as a recommendation to others.
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  10. Is there another plugin like WorldBorder that's still in active development or that we know will work with upcoming versions? I don't mind trying out WorldBorder but I'd of course prefer to use a plugin that's not dead. I really like the idea of pre-generating my world chunks for performance.
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  12. Thanks a lot :D Improved performance on my 1.14.4 paper server :)
  13. Any chance of updating this to 1.16.1?
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  14. In bukkit.yml spawn-limits water-ambient (default 20) I would recommend chopping that in half.

    Doesn't look like spigot.yml added anything that would help with lag.

    And if you're looking for forks of Spigot I can't help you there since I don't use 'em.
  15. There's always a chance.
  16. I use Purpur: https://github.com/pl3xgaming/Purpur
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