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  1. Yes, it's more optimized.
  2. 1.13 runs a lot worse than 1.12.
  3. 1.14 should help fix lots of issues. we get async light processing as well as fixing entity movement collision code
  4. I hope it's a noticeable improvement. I wonder if the entity collision optimizations will be good enough to replace mob stackers in some cases. Those things cause their own problems.
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  5. What was wrong with it??
  6. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    Mojang replaced the collision system in 1.13, it's now much more accurate, but their implementation added in a lot of performance overheads, 1.14 is set to fix that
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  7. So 1.14 = Optimized?
  8. 1.14 = more efficient
  9. Let's not call it optimized.
    It is more efficient than 1.13.
    But it will not be efficient.

    But hopefully with Paper 1.14 things will be back close to 1.12 levels, but the Block Data stuff and legacy plugins will have a permanent hit.
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  10. I'm glad to hear we'll be close to 1.12 levels, that's exciting news :D
  11. I said hope.... we will have to see.
  12. Fingers crossed (y)
  13. Thank you for this!
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  14. I wan't 1.12.2 version of this thread.
  15. Celebrimbor


  16. I should have saved when the thread was still on 1.12.2 =(
  17. No you shouldnt. It's still valid for 1.12 too. just follow it.
  18. Wanted to say thanks for this, helped me understand a lot and looked into settings and see why some public servers have issues.
    This being said, it seems i can lose TPS without using much of the servers resources. I'm curious if it would even help to get a beefier server when the ram/cpu on my current one is less than 20% usage.

    (I notice massive villager breeders can drop 1 TPS per breeder that's loaded, among other things.)
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  20. QuantumRPG seems to be causing the most amount of lag. Maybe contact the plugin author and show him the timings.

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