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Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by DotRar, Feb 27, 2015.

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  1. Hello, today I'm going to show you how to setup SRV records as when I first started I had no clue and I think it would be the same for most people. I use Name Cheap as my domain registrar, so it may not look the same for you.

    1) You need to go to the page where you create subdomains and SRV records (For me it's 'All Host Records').
    2) First of all, you need to create a subdomain (or use the main domain). Set it up like this:
    For me, the final result will be 'join.ultimamc.net'. Replace the 'Number IP' with the IP of your server (Obv. not sharing incase of DDOS).
    3) Setting up the SRV records. This is only needed if your port is not :25565. Set it up in a similar way:
    In the _SERVICE box put '_minecraft'. In the _PROTCOL box, type '_tcp' as it is the protcol minecraft uses. In the PRIORITY box type '0'. In the WEIGHT box type '5'. In the PORT box, type the server's port. Mine is 36204, so I type that in there. Now in the TARGET box, type subdomain.domain.extension (Use the subdomain you created earlier, for me, I would enter 'join.ultimamc.net'). Now click save and wait between 1 - 30 minutes for the changes to take place.
    Here's a similar setup for just UltimaMC.net (No subdomain):
    So now if I hop onto 'ultimamc.net', I join the server:
    and it works! Leave a like if this helped you! <3
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  2. Code (Text):

    -:~ suedadam$ srv minecraft UltimaMC.net

    _minecraft._tcp.UltimaMC.netservice = 0 5 36204 play.ultimamc.net.

    _minecraft._tcp.UltimaMC.netservice = 0 5 36204 ultimamc.net.

    -:~ suedadam$
    It's not that hard to find a SRV record.
  3. I'm talking about setting up as others may find it confusing.
  4. I know, I'm just saying, what's the point of a SRV record?
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  5. To hide the ports so when a player connects they don't have to use play.yourdomain.com:36593, just play.yourdomain.com.
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  6. I suppose that's one situation where you can use it in but that could easily be resolved by just getting a dedicated server :)
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  7. Shared hosting is cheaper. Also, say you want 'UltimaMC.net' and 'Pixelmon.UltimaMC.net', you couldn't have 2 :25565 ports, but you could use an SRV record to remove the port from the IP.
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  8. AngelRani


    Some people have to set up a SRV record if they want to use something like play.domain.com instead of s1.shosting.com:12345.
  9. AngelRani


    Try putting "play" in Service/Protocol section
    In the address section, put your server IP (excluding the port)
    In the port section, put in the port number from your server IP

    EDIT: Also, please don't bump old threads. If you need help, message me.
  10. Thanks! It worked perfectly! Thanks. and sorry for bumping! (I didn't know, i am new!)
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