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  1. Many people on this forum are server owners, but a few are new unknowledgable owners, looking to create a community. I'm here to help. I have been making Minecraft servers since I was 10, and know the ins and outs of making a server.

    Let's start out with what gamemode you should pick. The truth is you can make money from any gamemode. What makes the difference in revenue, playerbase, and player experience is the effort you and your team put into it.

    A lot of factors go into your network's success such as staff, trailer, builds, community, plugins, etc.

    While many think the server gamemode is the reason some servers succeed and some don't, understand that the gamemode is Step TWO.

    Step ONE is making sure you have somebody (or multiple people) who are ready to do anything & everything it takes to run the network. This can be a technical cofounder, or it can be you, the owner. This is how networks are bootstrapped to success from low budgets.

    A trailer and visuals are very important. They're most often uploaded on other channels to generate hype for your server before you release. Here is my trailer. It was uploaded on about 30 channels, but about 5 had 1k+
    Also, keep in mind that HCF is one of the most toxic gamemodes. Your server will be ddosed. I recommend using TCPShield.

    If you aren't knowledgable in HCF, Skyblock, Minigames, and Factions are growing.

    Okay, I got my gamemode. But.. how do I do it?
    The first thing you want to do after you choose your gamemode, is to find a partner that can share ideas, help fun, help administrate, and help with running the server. A good place to find new server owners is MCM, but keep in mind you will get a lot of immature people while you're looking.
    After you get your partner, you need to get a name for your server/network. A good way to do this is to go on a server list, and go on a dictionary site, and just mix some words together. After you've gotten your name, purchase a domain, and start budgeting. Combine your money, and see what you can afford. Here is an example I've done for a factions server with a budget of $60.
    Builds - $30
    GFX - $15
    Host - $8

    Now, if you have a budget of $60 or less, you need to be really conservative when spending. If you see a builder for $30 and he gives you a 5% discount if you buy now, don't do it. Look around for someone cheaper. Another alternative to commissioning is buying a premade build, which are cheaper. Good sites for buying these are MCM/F. Also, keep in mind that you don't need things like GFX, a domain, or hosting until you get builds and the setup. I'd recommend working on localhost for now.

    How do I get players?
    The most asked question on almost every MC forum.. that, and "Help me get ideas for my server" - There are some key things you need to already have for players to play and donate. That is:
    Kind staff that can help build the community
    Fully functional setup
    Good host

    After you have all these, you are ready to release a generic server. But if you actually want to release a unique server, you need to think of some good ideas. Don't ask others, as they aren't in charge of your server succeeding. You are. Also, if someone has a good idea, they probably won't share it. As a last resort, you can contact me for some ideas.

    Things not to do
    - Stay away from starting as a network if you have a low budget, because players won't want to play on a server with 5 people, especially a network.
    - If you're starting a network, purchase a VPS or dedicated server to host all of your servers on. Stay away from buying multiple mc servers from reseller hosts. For VPS hosting, I recommend RamNode or OVH. For dedicated servers, fallout-hosting, wholesaleinternet, kimsufi, or soyoustart is a good option. If you have a big budget, go with OVH, Choopa, or Psychz. (Also, if you've never touched a dedi before, I can install everything for you for free)
    - Stay away from making a server and adding a whole bunch of minigames to it. For example, don't make a factions server and add paintball and spleef to the server.

    Youtubers (coming soon)

    If you have any questions or need help, PM me!
    Thank you, I hope my guide was useful.
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  2. Amazing guide!
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  3. Nice guide! In case you need a custom plugin developer, hit me up ;)
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  4. Very informative and useful thread :)
  5. I can vouch that quadro knows how to have a good server, also cammymc has a lot of experience too :).
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  6. Video doesn't work :(
  7. Ha, so many people re-uploaded it I can't keep track of the original, lol. I just pulled out a random one. Here's one that my co-owner uploaded:
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  8. Lacking developer to make your server even more unique and I would like to see your guide on a youtuber
  9. This is a nicely thought out tutorial/guide. Good advice for players who want to start a server. Thanks for creating this! :)
  10. How many posts do you have? Exactly...
  11. Custom plugins won't neccesarily make you stand out more. People will first notice your custom plugins when they've joined your server, at which point it's no longer about custom plugins, rather if your server is actually good or not.
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  12. A lot... :)
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  13. Good Advice, I recommend a tiny bit bigger budget for host though as players don't like a laggy server
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  14. Small budget = bad server.
    It's honestly all the optimizations that you do. I've had 200 people on one 5gb spigot instance. And there are really cheap & quality hosts out there, like Host-Atom, GalaxyNode, etc.
  15. I've had 120 on 2gbs at mcprohosting before lol, really bad decision on my part it was laggy as heck.
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  16. I do not own PickleHost i said that as an example. So ye :p
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  17. Stop with the self advertising by the way its bad :)
  18. ExtraVM?

    Also, don't forget about Skript!
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  19. Please stop with your false and unjust accusations. You blatantly go out calling me out with absolutely no proof. I do not work, and am not affiliated with any of those businesses. Please, go back to your GoDaddy reseller host and get off my thread.
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