[Guide] Yea yea, you want to learn Java. We know. Here is how. [UPDATE: 10/01/2016]

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Herogx, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. This thread has been moved to the wiki, I made a rather large update however I sort of hit the character limit. You can find the wiki page here:


    There is a new section on how to write "clean code". If anyone would like to post suggestions for that, please do so! Please feel free to make suggestions and discuss this here :)
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  2. I suggest you add the Java ranch to the list of resources from which to get help with bugs and such. They are pretty patient and helpful to beginners over there.
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  3. konsolas


    Excellent, a place to reference people.

    *Bookmarks page*
    *Likes post*
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  4. I've added this resource and linked it, I also credited you. I've been on that site one or two times myself, the information I found was factual.
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  5. I suggest you add caveofprogramming to the list. It has a lot of detailed tutorials on Java as well as C++ if you're interested. I personally found it very useful especially considering that it has an Android/iOS app as well. Also, a good YouTube channel for learning how to make Bukkit plugins is kennethbgoodin who happens to also be a member of the Spigot forums. :)
  6. I added the link for the caveofprogramming and credited you, if you link that guys youtube channel I'll scan over it and add it if the information seems accurate.
  7. Here is his channel. :)
  8. I glanced at a couple of his videos, code seems okay and he seems fair at explaining things. The tutorials were built for 1.6.4 but I don't think enough has changed for someone to get held up if they find something that doesn't work. Added and credited.
  9. Well, you really do sum it up quite elegantly. If you'd like here are some references you might want to add, as I found them to be very useful:
    • Thinking in Java, Bruce Eckels, 4th Edition - Even though written for Java SE 6 still offers a very large and good introduction to nearly all modern programming concepts ( OOP, Generics, Resource Safety, etc. )
    • Effective Java, Joshua bloch, 2nd Edition - Points out quite some details on how to write clean, smart and efficient code, as well as the usual pitfalls such as overriding .equals() but not .hashCode()
    As you've mentioned BitBucket and GitHub you might also want to add a link to Git itself so your readers may find it:
    Best regards,
  10. If possible, could you link where you'd recommend buying these books, or if they are free, the actual books themselves? I know I could Google them, however I've not read those resources myself so you, someone who obviously has would be probably able to better assist (Like linking the actual authors official page instead of some ripoff's). This way I can just scan over the book contents. I'm also going to add a books section thanks to this post, since I know that Big Java Objects (I think that's what it is called, at least) is a very good book.
  11. May add Vim as a IDE.
    btw bookmark this shit. good reference
  12. Thanks @BlackyPaw I'll have a read over that in the next day or two and add accordingly.

    As for the vim as an IDE, I know one or two people who do that but it's debatable since it's primarily a text editor and as well as that if you really want to use it as in IDE you need to install a couple plugins.

    I also dunno if tackling the vim learning curve is a good idea for beginners. Opinions?
  13. Nice guide ;)
    I'm starting developing in Java and i recently released my plugin.. still working on more, but this was very useful!
  14. Glad I could help, I'll need to go over those new resources today, I was a little busy the past day or two. :)
  15. Why on earth does every bukkit tutorial on series contain explanations about basic java syntax? I mean, you shouldn't even watch the series if you don't know java o_O

    Anyhow, great tutorial :) Will be useful as a C/P in the future.
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  16. VOUCH
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  17. Personally I don't use Vim. But to be fair, it is not just a text editor. Sure you have to install some plugins and configure them to make it work like an IDE. But that is the whole point really. You're meant to customise it to fit your needs. Vim works on a much more personal level than other IDEs and editors, in that you customise and tweak it completely according to your own needs. Your Vim and a friend's Vim are likely to be significantly different from one another.
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  18. this is stupid just tell me how to make a program, y those links itz boring i just wanna code bruh
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  19. @Herogx may add the MIT java tutorials. I believe they were here