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  1. Recently, there's been an increase of guides on these forums. Many others, and myself have noticed these but they don't really have their own place. That's where a guides forum comes in.

    In the guides forum, obviously, you can make guides. These may have to go through moderator acceptance, or you may need to have certain post/rating requirements. There could be a tag for someone who makes a lot of good guides, maybe the resourceful rank/tag could also be achieved through guides.

    Sorry if there are suggestions similar or identical to this, I did have a little look but didn't find any.
  2. This is a very great idea since a lot of people who write many good guides can get a recognition through this. But, there's a downside to this. What if a person decided to make random guides that contain trash for the majority of the guide and still get a reward? I doubt a staff will have the time to look through every single guide to see what qualifies or not.
  3. The staff would moderate them at first, but as people make more guides, the trusted members that have lots of guides could start moderating them. (denying or accepting)
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    1. We have a Wiki Page for this very reason. Anyone is permitted to contribute
    2. You can filter posts by prefix, so just grab only those prefixed with "Resource"