Guild plugin suggestions?

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  1. Hi guys. I'm looking for a plugin that can make 4 server guilds (not player made guild/clan). I have a server that's not really factions but players can choose which "team"/"guild" they wish to be in. I need it to allow for each guild to have a set of permissions as well. I seem to have a problem finding a plugin that does this, do you have any suggestions?

    I'm using worldguard and buyregion instead of Towny. Towny would have been good but it does not (as far as I can tell) support that players belonging to so and so town have a set of perms.
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    You can do this with plugins like PermissionsEx and DeluxeMenus.
    • Create 4 Permission groups based on the Guild names you want
    • Add the permissions you need to each
    • Create a GUI with DeluxeMenus
    • Set the commands to assign players to said Guild.
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