Premium GUIPlus - Simply create clickable GUI's (Ingame GUI Builder) [1.7 - 1.18] [Paid]

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  1. I was able to make it work with a sudo command: "<server>sudo <player> g Hello" makes the player say hello in the global chat when that item is clicked.

    Thanks. Again, this is a great plugin
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  2. I guess your Chat Plugin will be incompatible with mine. Try to disable it and try it again. Then send me the Plugin Name.
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  3. Are placeholders supposed to work in item lore/names within the guis? Because it seems like the only ones i can get working are the Player placeholders within Placeholder api. I'm using guiplus v2.8 and Have the placeholders i want to use Downloaded in placeholderapi already. (MCMMO, Vault, and others won't work)
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  4. Try to reload PlaceholderAPI and if this won't work try to reload your Server.
  5. How would I add itemflags to an item? Is there any support discord?
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  6. I haven't added this to the Plugin, because plenty of Servers, already have a Plugin for this kind of Feature. Just google something like Spigot Command Items or Executable Items. No there's not, because I'm very active on SpigotMC and you can ask me every Question here.
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  7. | Kinglol12345 Answered:
    | "Thank you.
    | And with what should <attribute1> be replaced? ^^"

    <attribute1> would be the first word you write behind the shortcut command. Like "/test hi". The Placeholder <attribute1> would be "hi" And for example "/test hello world" <attribute1> would be "hello" and <attribute2> would be "world". Your Plugin only Supports <player> at the Moment. So you can't write "hello" there bacause the Plugin would say that the Player is not Online.
  8. Sounds like a cool Idea. I may add it in the Future :)
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  9. In /gui edit <gui> nor in /gui open <gui> I dont have a panel with glass to modify the gui. I can only change name, titles, etc but I cant add nor edit items (1.16.5)
  10. In /gui edit you have at the end a Crafting Bench and if you press it you can edit the Items.
    Hope this helps.
  11. This is what I got after I press the workbench (photo attached)
  12. Yes drag Items in and right click them :)
    Thats it
  13. Ooo thank you
  14. Is it possible to make the command aliases register properly so they dont display as an invalid command?

    The command aliases work, but it can be deceiving to players when they are about to run it and it is highlighted red.
  15. ENHANCEMENT: add permission/command to make a button "unlocked" or "locked" with a configurable string in it's lore
  16. Are you able to put in a custom item?
  17. Sure
  18. I have a problem that I can get into gui but others that does not have op cant how do I fix it?
  19. I have a problem that I can get into gui but others who do not have op can not do it how do I fix it?
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