Premium GUIPlus - Simply create clickable GUI's (Ingame GUI Builder) [1.7 - 1.18] [Paid]

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  1. Try to Restart your Server or just GUIPlus
  2. I have a question, if i want a head to be of a player that is in this placeholder %ajpk_stats_top_name_1%, how do i do? i explain better, let's say that %ajpk_stats_top_name_1%= Ice_man154, but i look at the gui, i am not Ice_man154, but i would like to see the head of Ice_man154, is it possible?

  3. Is there a support discord for this? If so can i get a link.
  4. Any news on the next update? Looking forward players being unable to use balance or item purchases if you have full inventory.
  5. Hey,
    also ich habe es getestet und habe dieses Problem nicht.
    Scheinbar hat ein anderes Plugin Probleme mit den GUIs wenn mehrere Inventare von mehreren Plugins betroffen sind.
    Versuch mal einige Plugins zu deaktivieren und schau ob es dann funktioniert.

  6. Hey, is there a way to add placeholders like vault in a item lore?
  7. Of course just use PlaceholderAPI
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  8. Hey, I really need help. I am using an eco plugin, can I add the variable name inside the lore of an item?
  9. Sorry, that's what i meant to say XD
  10. I can't seem to give players permissions. I am using luck-perms and gave default players the permissions: I'm trying to create a gui for rankup but once the player types /ranks it says 'You do not have permission for this GUI!' any ideas? thanks
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  11. If you set the permission to "ranks" in the GUI the Permission is just "ranks" not
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  12. Hello this plugin looks cool but can you click on an item in this gui with skript is possible ?
  13. will plugin get support? since december no updates, no old playerpoints support, no switch items function, etc ideas that u can do.
  14. Does GUIplus support hex code?
  15. Unfortunately not. I'm sorry.
  16. Hey! you can tell how to get statistics in the form of a graph of how many servers the plugin uses and how many players
  17. Check out
  18. Hi, I have a question, is it possible to put that if you have a certain permission you see an object and if you don't have that permission you see another object?