Premium GUIPlus - Simply create clickable GUI's (Ingame GUI Builder) [1.7 - 1.18] [Paid]

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  1. Hi, I have a problem, I have ported my Hub to 1.8.8, the problem is that the gui, when I open them, are empty! Before the server was in 1.16, please help me.
  2. You have to recreate them because the Item IDs changed.
  3. Hi,
    When ever I reload the plugin or restart my server, the set commands/actions get deleted.
    Any clue what I may be doing wrong?
  4. Same
  5. Please add Hopper menus, so you can have menus with 5 slots
  6. Hey there, for some reason PlaceholderAPI placeholders don't work with the gui
    Am I doing something wrong?
    If you can please dm me on discord, my tag's Zur#0001
  7. It works fine for me, did u downloaded the placeholders for plugins? /papi ecloud download (name)
  8. Yeah, I did, I tried reloading and it worked, I guess it just bugged out a bit
  9. Did you try reloading GUIPlus? I was having issues with placeholders and reloading the plugin worked. I was reloading placeholder API first thinking it was an issue with that.
  10. DeluxeMenus converter?
  11. @kinglol12345 Are HEX colour codes supported? on 2.81? Im editing through files also as i find it quicker if they are supported what would they be displayed as in the file?
  12. No Sorry there're not supported.
  13. When I open a new page mouse will move to the middle Bottom of it .
  14. is there any possible way to completely remove an error message, deleting it in the message's file still sends a blank bar in chat.
  15. Hello Kinglol, how are you? i hope you have a great day

    So I saw that we can use placeholders BUT I can't use them anywhere, not in lores, not in Displayname nowhere i followed this guide
    but still can't use them

    do I have to put them in Lores/displaynam and reload servers? will it work like this? please hmu here or discord


    Thanks and have a great day!
  16. I have a question, I was using the plugin (which is really cool btw) when I noticed that I can't seem to make a GUI that opens the GUI. Here's what I mean. In the player's Hotbar, I want to put a GUI item (Netherstar for instance) that opens the main GUI when clicked. So far, the only way to actually open the GUI is to physically type /GUI open <name>.
  17. I haven't implemented it, because many Servers have extra Plugins for this functionality like CommandItems.
    Just install it and you can bind any Command to Items :)
  18. Does the plugin offer a way for the gui's to change after a player's rank has changed?

    For Example: Lets say there is a light-gray dye in the menu labeled "VIP Lounge" and clicking on it says "No Permission". Once the player revives
    VIP status and revisits the same menu, now the light-gray dye has changed to a green-dye.
  19. Hello, Author!
    I'm really intersted about your Plugin GuiPlus.

    But i have question, before i bought this Plugin GuiPlus.

    Did GuiPlus Plugin can work at Java-16?

    Thanks :)