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  1. Hi kinglol :)

    Very nice plugin, ease of use is fantastic. Using Paper 1.16.5, Java 16 (OpenJDK)

    Please excuse me if this is not possible, but I wanted to make an 'admin-panel' that had a GUI with items representing each GUI screen made, and then have them run "gui edit <name>".

    This seems to work at first, the initial edit screen opens when you click the item with the gui edit command, however left/right clicking on the edit screen items does not press the buttons, instead it acts like a normal chest.

    Using the command "/gui edit" is working fine when running the command from outside a GUIPlus GUI (i.e manually typing, command signs, command items etc.), just not when run directly from an already open GUI screen.

    If there is some reason this is not possible, would you have any ideas on how to make a similar thing, like a GUI edit hub of sorts?

    EDIT: Whilst I was unable to find a way to do this on my own using just GUIPlus, I have had success at using signs to run the command as the player, so have built a GUI edit room that I can just right click signs and edit the GUIs from there, works a treat!

    IMPORTANT DOUBLE EDIT: I did not notice the 'Toggle Close GUI' switch before when specifying a command to run from a gui. This is what you need to have enabled for any '/gui edit' commands you want to run from an open GUI screen, very nifty, hope this helps others!

    Best regards,
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  2. Hey, Im using a plugin called AdvancedKits, I'm trying to give a player a kit via a GUI I have made, but the placeholder %player% and {player} aren't working and its saying (player with that name doesn't exist) Can someone please help me with this and maybe point me in the right direction as to what Im maybe doing wrong? Thanks!
  3. Hi Kinglol, I am a bit annoyed at the presense of a bug, I am unsure why this is the case but lots of my GUI's are losing commands on items, seemingly without reason. They will be working fine for about 15 minutes after making them, but then some seemingly random items, not specific commands, lose the attached commands. Without a discord group or the like, I don't see how we can work together to resolve it, as I have no logs that explain why this is occurring.

    I asked for advice a few days ago which went unanswered here, as far as I'm concerned, this is not working as intended and I would appreciate your help to resolve this.

    I will comment on this, the method for editing GUIs with this plugin, whilst being in-game, are still tedious, especially if you have lots of GUIs. You can create a GUI with items for each GUI you have and then have them run 'gui edit <gui-name>', but due to the aforementioned bug of commands randomly wiping from certain items for me, there are too many GUIs and names to manage efficiently, hence why I am heavily considering an alternative product.
  4. I mentioned a 'bug', but have now edited that part of this post as it seems as though it is just when moving items in the GUI, they lose the command info, I believe. At least, they are for me.

    In terms of management of the GUI's, I've had some success with making a GUI edit screen, but have only got it to work when running the open command for that GUI edit screen (i.e. you have to manually type /gui open gui-mgmt or alias, I use an alias), if run by an item that runs the command, right-clicking to edit GUI items causes you to use the item again and it takes you back to
  5. Hi, whenever I am creating GUIs with a left/right click command, the command isn't being triggered when clicking on the item in the GUI, it just returns the default vanilla message saying there's no such command.

    I mean there's not much that I can do with this plugin if I'm unable to assign commands to items?
  6. Hey, I'm planning to buy GUIPlus, but I was just wondering, does it support items with CustomModelData? Also does it support using font images in the title?
  7. Does anyone know where the dev is? Like this bug seems to be an ongoing issue for a few versions, what's going on, why is there no fix for it yet?
  8. For anyone who is having issues with assigning commands to items in their GUIs, I found a possible fix that might work for you (it worked for me).

    I was using EzColors and because my chat colour was red it was putting &c in front of the command I was trying to assign to the item, which meant it would be outputting a command such as /&chelp, which isn't a real command, meaning it would show as the command not existing. What I done was reset my chat colour, using EzColors (on the plugin's GUI), and it worked fine for me after that.

    If you use another chat colour plugin, try disabling it to check if that is the issue.
  9. found a bug, for the commands, if the command have color codes, it will not work and it will be showing color instead.
    i have an mmoitem with color in front of it, and i cannot execute the give command because the item name cannot be recognized

    there is not github for bug report, this is bad

    lvl: false
    money: 0.0
    xp: 0
    economy: Vault
    items: []
    checkDurability: true
    cooldown: 200
    permission: null
    closeInv: false
    - <server>mi give MISCELLANEOUS ┬žesampleitem <player> 1
  10. how to open a gui for every player and even if he has no permissions?
  11. /gui openfor <player> <name>
  12. a doubt this plugin has support leei that does not give support because it is very easy to use and so on, errors are passed here or there is a discord or github?
  13. I'm always available via Private Message. But make sure to write a detailed Bug Request with Images or Videos :)
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  14. ty info
  15. Hi, I have a request, can you add a possibility to move all strings in lore up and down? It's literally HELL to modify a lores in your plugin right now and I can spend just half a hour only to add few strings in items because I need just to rewrite half the menu to add some strings in the middle of it, this is so annoying and really makes you regret the buying sometimes
  16. [request]click button item requirement display the required item name
    [purpose]for players to understand what item they are missing in his inventory (or not match) so that they can click the button, changing from a direct one sentence warning and become a message that tells the player what item is missing, is better for player to understand.

    This function is very useful for RPG servers
    Please implement, thank you
  17. You can write the required Items in the Lore like 64x Cobblestone. I didn't hardcode it so it's entirely customizable.
  18. i did wrote in lore but the reason why i am requesting this is because there are item serialization problem between 1.16 non kyori item and kyori items, and some mythicmobs item serialization problem, so that the item is appearing the same in players view in terms of color but internal system does not recognized the item as the same item.

    Players would not know which item have this problem so this lead to to confusion ..

    technically i can also change the reply sentence in locale file to tell players ask for admin help too but is not convenient enough :(
  19. How do I add placeholders to a lore? I've been putting the placeholder in and it doesn't work.