Spigot GuiRedeemMCMMO 2.0.2-BETA

Let your players redeem credits into MCMMO levels!

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    GuiRedeemMCMMO - Let your players redeem credits into MCMMO levels!

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  2. Nice, will definitely be trying this out!:)
  3. You didn't make this so where did it come from? I've seen it over 100 times :p
  4. I did in fact make this. I made it per request of a friend, and he said he didn't mind if I uploaded it.
    It has come to my attention that ClaimsLevels has similar features, though both me and my friend was unaware of that when I made this.
  5. Hi, plugin is super ;)
    Please, add more customization language :) Ideal, fully customization (with GUI) :)
    Thank you very much ;)
  6. What more messages do you want to be able to customize?
    And what would you like to be able to change about the GUI?
  7. The title of the GUI, the icons to our liking, the title and lore of the items and even the positioning.

    Also, as I use a bungee chat plugin, I'm unable to "type in chat how many points I want added to a skill" is there any command I can use instead to apply credits?
  8. Not currently. I'll add that when I get home. Just about 6 hours from now and I should have it finished and uploaded, unless I get delayed.

    About the customization features. I'll add Gui Titlte to config, other things are a little more time consuming to do.
    I'll try my best to get those done aswell.
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  9. IFz


    Please, add more customization language :) Ideal, fully customization (with GUI)
  10. So you want to be able to edit the messages of the items in the GUI?
  11. Yes, fully customization language, be able to translate any text in plugin, with GUI
  12. You can currently change all text messages sent in chat. Except for when receiving credits, you can't change that yet. I'll have that done in an update soon.
    I'll see what I can do for the GUI Texts.
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    Gui Title

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  14. So how does this work? One credit, one powerpoint or one credit one level?
  15. One credit can be redeemed into one mcMMO level.
    And btw, one level is also one power point. mcmmo's Power is the total amount of levels.
  16. Ok. Thanks. :)
  17. Lol... I'm getting confused when I find this as a paid 1.0 plugin when I searched for it, and now I found it here again. Was wondering if you cleared the forums and made it paid only first. :p

    As I asked in the other thread anyway. Repair doesn't work to redeem. Nothing happens when klicking on it and the gui stays open. Not a single line of text in the console saying anythings wrong either.