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  1. Hey Spigot,
    I am making a Gun plugin and I am making a reloading + ammo thingy.
    The thing is. It doesn't work. The thing I wanna make is, you have Ammo in your inventory, you reload when youre magsize = 0. (Mag is a HashMap). It loops through the inventory, check how many "Ammo itemstacks" you have. Gets the amount of it. Adds it to the hashmap. (mag) and then removes all of the items.
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  3. Just: Looping through inventory to see if he has a itemstack ammo (custom). When he has it, get the amount. And then remove the amount, and put the integer (amount) into the magsize. (hashmap)
    But I dunno how to code it.
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    What have you tried?

  5. This:

        public void reloading(final Player p, ItemStack ammo, HashMap<UUID, Integer> mag){
            p.sendMessage(v.prefix + "Reloading...");  
            for (int i = 0; i < p.getInventory().getSize(); i++){
                if (p.getInventory().getItem(i) != null && p.getInventory().getItem(i).getType() != Material.AIR){
                    if (p.getInventory().getItem(i) == ammo){
                        int amount = p.getInventory().getItem(i).getAmount();
                        if (amount > mag.get(p.getUniqueId()));
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    p.getInventory.getItem(i) == ammo -> p.getInventory.getItem(i).getType().equals(ammo.getType())

    And: if(amount > mag.get(p.getUniqueId()));

  7. Yeah, I dunno. Can you write me a good example?
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  11. Oops, wrong question; do you want some pseudo code? If you don't know; it's code in words, and you have to translate it into real code. ;)
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  12. Yeah, I would like to have. Hope a start.
  13. Oke.

    Make integer which is 0
    Loop through each itemstack in inventory
    Check if item is the same
    Get amount item and add it int i
    End of the loop you have the amount of all ammo itemstacks in inventory.

    Now, turn it into code ;).