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    GunGame - Kill other players, level up and be invincible!

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  2. You stole my idea , so don't say you don't read my thread...
  3. I cannot more than writing what happened.
    But one thing is fact: I don't remove the plugin.
    If you have the same idea, I can understand it. It's okay, when you develop a similar plugin.

    But I publish my ideas and nobody stop me.
  4. " But I publish my ideas and nobody stop me. "
    How you can say it's your idea?

    my idea same thing you write it on your plugin ..
    " In GunGame, you have to kill all other players and try to survive.
    With every kill your level will be incremented by one. If you get killed, your level will be decremented by one. The game takes place in an arena and is endless. The player who reached the maximum level will get the best items with each other kill. You get points on kill and lose points on death. Goal is to get the most points on the server."
    i need like this plugin..
    on a lobby signs add villager sell features with tokens
    like double points and tokens for 1 hour , and i can enable and disable and sell sounds , particles ..
    and lobby like [ hivemc sg , etc .. ] then if he right click on sign he will join the waiting lobby will wait 30 second if a server full and 12 players every arena .. and on waiting lobby scoreboard for some features and he can use /vote for vote map he want like hive sg vote , and /records name for let him know rank , points , kills etc... < link it with mysql and the timer on exp 10 sec and on chat ..
    and please add some features on vip permission
    join full game - strong items - double points and tokens ... and more
    when start the game he will spawn randomly on some places.. if he kill 1 he will level to 2 and get items like wooden sword, then stone sword ... etc and the sniper will be bow with arrow he can kill player with 1 shoot....
    i need scoreboard .. they say how much your level
    if he got to level 18 he will give him bonus or any rewards for win and fireworks and say on chat player ... win etc..
    and then the arena broadcast who win , and stop it and then will restarting....
    and all levels 18 level , if he die he will lose 1 level and etc... > if you know gungame on call of duty..
    the game will be 10 min.. not for long time..
    And on all arena have points and tokens
    on the game if he kill 1
    he will recive 1-6 tokens
    and 10-20 points and if he die he will lose points - tokens..
    and i can link him with mysql
    my idea : http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/hiring-for-small-plugin.46965/
    so how you say your idea !?
  5. There are many different.
    I don't have villagers, I don't have sounds and particles, I don't have database support, ...
    But I have (now useless) points, a custom chat format, a playtime counter, ...
    My plugin doesn't provide a VIP-join, countdowns and random spawns.
    Every arena has only one spawn and not more.

    And GunGame is not my and not your idea. There are many servers to play it.

    I hope, you are a developer. Else you have a little problem: You cannot realize your idea.

    Before I forget it: Thanks for downloading ;)
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  6. Give me the servers you have the gungame plugin...
    i'm developer and i have the same plugin but with out arena ...
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    Better configuration, Java 7 and more!

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  8. The Arena Setup didn't work for me. I did every setup step but at the end it says: The arena does not exists!
    Can you help me? Thank you.
  9. Make sure that
    • you typed the correctly name (with case-sensitive)
    • the name of your arena doesn't contains special chars
    • your configuration is valid
    If it's still not work:
    • What name have you defined for your arena?
    • Is there an error in the console?
    • Do you get a clear list by using '/gg arenas'?
  10. I will test it again soon. I named the arena "GG01" and there was no error in the console
  11. Well it's your idea, who cares? the plugin is public and cost nothing. Be happy that he made it for free?
  12. I did it again and it's the same. When I type in "/gg create arena GG 20" I get no feedback from your plugin. From other commands I get feedback. My configuration is untouched. And I did "/gg setup" too. So that's not the problem.

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    Shop - Create your custom articles!

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  14. Maybe can add crackshot support for use crackshot weapon
  15. when a player dies, he doesn't respawn in the arena
  16. Kannst du mir vllt erklären oder hinzufügen das man bei den Shop Item noch ENchantments hinzufügen kann z.b. für Vip Items oder sonstiges!

    Lg GentleXD
  17. Please add Bungee mode :(