GWarp Permissions Issues

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  1. I own a Spigot server and I have a GWarp plugin for people to use to warp from one world to the other. I am having a problem where nonOPs cannot do basic /warp commands to get from one world to the other. What permission am I supposed to enable so they can do this?
  2. First off, take a look at the plugins config, and its documentation on using the config and permissions.

    Personally, your having an issue, and Im a little bit 'off' from wanting you help you much, as you just left a 1 Star review on the plugin because of an issue only YOU seem to be having.

    Its a plugin with 150k downloads, its not the plugin, your doing something wrong.

    Dont take this the wrong way, but I hate people who use a 1 star review, because they cant use the plugin correctly, or read how to use it.
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  3. Go to the resource page and scroll down to the permissions section. And I agree with Beckstation 100%. Please delete your 1-star review when the permissions work on your server.
  4. Ok I deleted the review. I apologize that was rude of me. Also the config and documentation only show a list of permissions but do not show what permissions go with what commands. I used the LuckPerm editor to give default GWarp.Warp and nonOPs still cannot warp to different places. I even attempted to temporarily give default GWarp.* just to see if it was the wrong permission and they still cannot do anything.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but no-where I can find actually states this plugin is supporting warps in different worlds?

    Are you running something like Essentials? Since you may need to add warp commands from that to allow players to warp to those worlds?

    Im a little concerned, you maybe blaming a plugin, for not doing/allowing something, it doesn't even state it does/supports....
  6. In the config.yml there is an option for
    Code (Text):
    warp-only-in-world:  false
    This however does not mean between servers!
    It's intended use is between 'world', 'world_nether' and, 'world_the_end' on the same server.
  7. I'm able to warp to other worlds as an OP, but nonOPs cannot warp to those worlds.
  8. By the way, the command is
    Code (Text):
    /gwarp <warp>
    Code (Text):
    /warp <warp>
    That would be the Essentials command.
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  9. I will elaborate that the essentials permissions are
    essentials.warps.<name of the warp> or essentials.warps.*
  10. I am also having a problem with GWarps plus I don't know how to fix this. I already check the config and everything is as is. Is there something missing here?
  11. easy solution: delete gwarp and use essentials's warp. fixed

    Though for real, did you even read the spigot page? Or maybe you didn't type the permissions node correctly (Case sensitive, because the permission node is GWarp.Warp, but i assumed you typed gwarp.warp)
  12. As far as I'm aware, permissions aren't case-sensitive.
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  13. What is the permission node, I've been finding it so hard. I am still new to this plugin and need more information.
  14. it's worth it to take a shot
  15. please just read the spigot page. it is literally all there infront of your eyes