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  1. I'd like a plugin like purgatory (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/purgatory-ban-worlds-troll-menu-bungee-support.66323/) it is a great plugin but got some issues if you die you spawn in the default world, there isn't an IP BAN feature, tempban feature, and for me, the feature where you mine a specified amound of blocks did not work. So, if you could make a plugin that these feautures actually work, it would be great:

    - A plugin that takes you to a world, and you can earn an unban mining a specified block.
    - Troll utilities that, let players troll banned players.
    - A list that you can see banned players in.
    - For banned players use of chat would be disabled.
    - Customizeable plugin messages with color codes.
    - /ban command.
    - /tempban command.
    - /ipban command.
    - /tempipban command.
    - /unban command.
    - /ipunban command.
    - /stats command witch lets you view how many blocks have you mined so far.
    - Respawn in multiverse world that the hacker jail is in.
  2. this section is meant to answer questions of developers, it isn't meant for a place to request plugins.
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