Solved Hackers on my server need help

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Computerfreund, Nov 3, 2018.

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  1. Strahan


    lol don't misunderstand; I wasn't scolding you. If you want to run 1.8.8, have at it. I'm just saying that comparing it to the latest platform is flawed as the bugs in an older version have been long documented (making exploits way easier) versus a new version with bugs that have yet to be totally researched.
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  2. Yeah, so, OK that is one view of the situation which I can understand.
    Whilst some feel that they are safer with established normalities of past versions, there are also others which accept the challenges of newer versions.
    You should also spare a few moments to consider the developers workload in trying to impliment these changes whilst trying to maintain backwards compatibility.
    I for one think that the latest release of 1.13.x is making the the task of developing plugins harder because data manipulation is being more difficult. This seems to be an increasing case with each major version release.

    Whilst older servers have had a higher population of developers making plugins and have had time to mature their plugins, newer server versions seem to have fewer developers and less chance to mature plugins.

    IMO, The bottom line is stick with what you like.

    If you have problems with a plugin, the best thing to do, is not to sit back and moan about the situation, but to contact the plugin developer (or another dev if the original developer is no longer programming) and have a resolution sought if possible.
  3. Been there, done that. But when a plugin has 250 open issues, is it reasonable to expect them to fix any of them?
  4. Sorry that i add to the topic i dont know if its said.
    I was attacked many times before.
    Most of them hack the UUID in of the op or admin they know of using a hacked client.
    so they get OP and all perms u have bypassing all anti cheat methods.
    There is a simple option i use. IPWhitelist.
    It will bind your own ip to your uuid and name preventing anyone from using it that does not come from your own home network ip.
    Preventing the capturing of ur access rights.
    its just a hint :)
  5. My Ip is dynamic.
  6. well that case you should remove ur own OP rights and only give normal perms and turn back to op perms only if needed from console
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  7. You can't hack into an online server by spoofing a UUID.
  8. well if the server is behind bungeecord for example or lower version then 1.10 you can
    there are like 20 different hack tools for that currently
  9. I am Overwhelmed. Please explain more.
  10. Well its simple.
    once you use bungeecord your spigot servers itself are in offline mode. and bungee is in online mode right.
    there are some hack tools so that the hackers can bypass bungeecord. so they are never checked for a legit uuid/account. they just use a random existing one.

    thats why its important to make sure the player accounts with full access are secured with a ip check or without those perms until they really need it
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  11. Ok ive understand. I dont use Bungee it is just a CityBuild, but ever good to know, for the future.
  12. Summary: use a firewall to limit the access to the Spigot servers directly. There's guide's on the wiki for that.
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  13. I haven't seen this reply last time so apologies for not replying to it earlier, but I do want to mention a few points. First of, please realize that I am not scolding people because I'm an asshole that likes to annoy people all day long. I am scolding people that use 1.8 because the longer people keep using 1.8, the more things you damage.

    You give the example of plugins not working beyond 1.8, and I have a fair explanation for this that you probably don't consider if you're not a developer (I don't know if you are). Have you thought about the following; most plugins on this website (especially the smaller ones) are often programmed by young, inexperienced, starting developers, most likely somewhere around the age of 16. At that age, most people will still be in highschool depending on the level you're doing. We are reaching 1.14 soon, while so many people are still too stubbern to update to it. What does this result in? Huge pressure on every developer to support over 5 Minecraft versions, including one which is a HUGE technical change and plenty of breaking changes.

    How can a software developer make sure to stabily support 5 versions plus a huge breaking one? Advanced code principles and excellent code architecture with sometimes complex design patterns. Do you think a 16 year old developer that probably learned things through a YouTube tutorial has the knowledge to do this? No, undoubtedly not. So what ends up happening? People hack in a bunch of checks everywhere in order to hopefully somewhat support the older versions. This obviously results in hacky code, which in the end results in bad practices and thus makes the software hard to maintain, which finally in the end results in unstable software.

    And, please understand that I do not want to scold people like that, but I sincerely still believe that 9 out of 10 people who still use 1.8 simply do not comprehend what damage they are literally causing by themselves. If nobody is using 1.8 anymore, we can drop pressuring (inexperienced) developers to support 5 different versions, which they are undoubtedly struggling with.

    Wanna get a prime recent example? @Me_Goes_RAWR quit working on LWC because he got too stressed out because people kept completely shitting on him for not being able to fix LWC. He put his heart and soul into the plugin as best as he could and we should all appreciate that. Remember what I said about inexperienced developers being pressured to do things they aren't experienced enough to do? Well lo' and behold exhibit A;

    When you read reviews or support discussions, you see people asking support for so many different versions, and like I explained earlier, the average plugin developer here on Spigot is simply and sadly not able to provide you with a plugin that works flawlessly across 5 different versions. Now like I said earlier, this by all means is not impossible, but it does require a fair share or programming knowledge as well as designs patterns and best practices to make it as stable as possible.

    The reason why I absolutely despise the 1.8 community is that clearly, the 1.8 community gets super toxic when their little plugin is no longer working on 1.8. There are countless examples in the review section of LWC where people just completely shit on the author for how buggy the plugin became, and judging by the source code it then had, the author did not have the knowledge to properly support so many different versions. When looking at the review section, you see tons of 1 and 2 star ratings. Do you guys realize how much pressure you a putting on these young and inexperienced developers? I don't think so. Maybe you as an exception, but clearly not the average user simply downloading a plugin. Don't believe me? Exhibit B from @NovaFox161 where we can perfectly see this pressure:

    is why I hate the 1.8 community and why I scold people, because from the looks of it, they are (again, the average user downloading a plugin) either too selfish or don't have the technical knowledge to understand how difficult it is for some developers to support 5 different versions of the plugin.

    Think about that for a second, and try looking at things from the opposite perspective. Try looking at things from our point of view as developers instead of server owners.

    Oh and for your information, I'm called "MISTER Dienns" because my Minecraft account "dienns" got hacked in some Mojang leak, lost access to the e-mail and don't have the transaction ID anymore and I bought a new one and simply added Mr in front of it, and renamed my Spigot profile accordingly. No need to make it look like I named myself "mister" because of some other reason.
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  14. Ive marked this as solved now, in the last days no Players has crashed my server, but lots tries to do. Thank you all :)
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