Hackers on my Server. Should I allow hacking?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by KollegahDerBoss, May 8, 2015.

  1. About 90% of the players on my Server are using Hackclients.
    And about 90% of the players are angry at people using Hackclients.

    I have tried giving 7-days bans for hacking, 14-days bans for hacking, also 24-hours bans because I lost some players that have been banned, none of that works, everybody keeps using hackclients.

    My Server has about 150-170 online and is purely PvP. And yes, I have tried several Anti-Hack Plugins, including NoCheatPlus, AntiAura etc. none of them seems to completely stop them.

    I am thinking of actually allowing Hackclients, how would my players react to that?
    Is it a good idea?
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    No.. not good..
    You'd defeat the purpose of having rules...
    dont it'll cause chaos honestly.
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  3. If not, then what? My players will keep arguing that there are too many hackers on the server.
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    Ban the hackers
  5. Ferx


    No, I don't think it's a good idea to allow hackers...

    I'm suprised the plugins you listed haven't worked. Perhaps contact the owners of one of the plugins to tweak it to suit your server's specific needs? Perhaps the config is too lax? If the worst comes to the worst you could always look in getting something tailor made for the specific kinds of hacking you encounter on your server.

    Hope this gets sorted out soon, hackers are annoying af.
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  6. Tested AdvancedAntiCheat myself,
    Works very very well against aura and other combat hacks.

    Basically, it puts invisible fake players around them and if you hit them (Which is only possible with hacks) it kicks you.
    Also works well with all the other hacks.

    I believe @extended_clip has a server where you can test it:
    Log into "testplugins.com" and do /server aac (with your favorite hack client)