[HackuzVoar] 1.8 - Problem with the CMD.

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  1. Hello guys, when I run my plugin HackuzVoar it's says something like: " Is already runnning ". I gonna put a print below. Thank you!

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  2. [​IMG]

    You have 2 plugins using the same name. You cant do that...
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  3. For us to even begin to help you we need to see the source code of the classes that the issue is caused by.

    Please post the source code for the following classes:
    - Main
    - PluginClassLoader
  4. You have another Jar file with the same plugin name in your plugins folder. Check each Jar file and delete the old ones.
  5. If you've got the plugin installed twice, no.
  6. No this isn't a problem with your code, you have your plugin in the plugins folder more than once.
  7. [I just one time ....

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  8. One more time, for clarity:

  9. But I just have 1 of them look:

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  10. I think you misunderstood. The file HackuzVoar and HackuzLC have the same name (HackuzVoar) in the plugin.yml. Just open the HackuzLC plugin yml and change the name
  11. Ok thank you soo much