Premium Halloween Effects - Pumpkins, Bats, Witches and more! [Paid]

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  1. Did this recently become a premium plugin? i saw it was free before..maybea week or so ago.
  2. No, this was always premium
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  3. Bought and tried this plugin for about a week, adjusted settings as much as I could but I still had some issues that lead me to uninstalling this plugin. Some are probably not due to the plugins fault entirely, but could be just how Minecraft itself handles mobs. The custom mob ideas and looks are very awesome though!

    Mob Spawning
    At first this was awesome! I love seeing devs tackling the idea of custom mobs spawning naturally in the world, however this lead to a few issues.
    1. World Guard doesn't protect these custom mobs from spawning. This was the priority reason why I had to remove this plugin from my server. Spawn, and any server protected areas for players to be at would often have these custom mobs spawn in, and in large abundances.
    2. There is no options in the config to control the max amount of custom mobs, limit to the frequency of custom mobs spawning, or a chance rate of them spawning. This isn't I feel essential to the plugin, but it would help a lot to control the level of mobs spawning in.
    3. The custom mobs seem to spawn in clusters close to each other. This wouldn't happen all the time, but it looks like whenever the plugin wants to spawn in multiple mobs, it places them all in the same spot. The most I seen spawn in at once was 3 different mobs. I kinda feel this is important to fix because players are use to mobs spawning in one at different locations. A cluster of mobs spawning in at once easily overwhelms players.
    4. Performance of the plugin is fine on the server, no issues there. However the Skeleton Horses and Zombie Horses left behind from the custom mobs do not despawn naturally. I know this is probably 1.13's fault, but I have tried numberous commands to quickly remove Zombie Horses and Skeleton horses in an area, and nothing seems to work. The only method I could use to remove them is with the clearlagg plugin, "/lagg killmobs", or killing them manually. Now this isn't a huge deal as you can just disable the horse riding mobs, but it's also disappointing that I have to disable them.
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  4. I agree completely. These are the same issues I was having on my server over the weekend. I have a server with 12gb but even that wasnt enough to handle the massive amount of skeleton and zombie horses. None of them have riders so they just keep spawning.
    I had the same issue happening with chickens since those were supposed to spawn with riders as well.

    I hope this gets fixed or can be fixed quickly. I was excited to have the halloween effects on the server.

    I would also note that the plugin seems to be performing well, it doesnt directly cause lag, but it is spawning a crap ton of horses and chickens which is an unfortunate side effect
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  5. I don't have all info, but looks like it was on 1.13.2? That will need update
  6. I will get an update with some improvements, thanks
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  8. Dear developer,i want like to get your authorization to promote the plugin china's mcbbs forum,Please agree,Please~
  9. Hi, how do you promote the plugin there? thanks
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  11. Hejo,

    I bought your plugin because of scare, bat, witch, pumpkin and pumpkin pie effects. They are cool and work well with no performance issues at all. For spawning custom mobs we have our own private plugin with more cool monster creations and better spawning behavior. This shouldn’t be criticism, your monster creations are already a good start and I read that you are indeed working on the spawning behaviour.

    The issue:
    I have turned off all mob spawning options and disabled all worlds again as a precaution. Nevertheless, many of our custom mobs are replaced by zombies ~30-40 %. As soon as I deactivate your plugin, these problems no longer occur. Maybe you can think of something until next year, in view of the short time span of the Halloween events ~ 12 day this year no big expositions are worth it. Keep it up!

    Still Paper Spigiot 1.12.2 :/ #1582

    HalloweenEffects 1.28.0

  12. Sorry this was a false error reproduction of me. Your plugin works well!
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