Spigot Halloween Utilities (1.8-1.14+) 0.4

Cool halloween commands and effects!

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    Halloween Utilities (1.8-1.14+) - Cool halloween commands and effects!

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  2. Can we disable features in certain worlds yet, and does this still work ok with 1.13.2 spigot?

    We already use /halloween as an event command, could we perhaps change the plugin's command to something else? like /hwn or something?
  3. BGHDDevelopment


    I am planning on adding things like that, just with school have not had the time. Hopefully can work on features like that this weekend. 1.13.2 should work, if you have issues message me on discord
  4. Thank you for the swift response, I appreciate it. It sounds promising. I will go install a clean spigot and this plugin and see what happens on 1.13.2.
  5. please add option disable pumking to villager because when they have a new look it looks weird :D