Spigot Halloween 1.8 ALPHA

Bring Halloween Fun and Scares to your server!

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    Halloween - Bring Halloween Fun and Scares to your server!

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  2. May you show us some pics of the plugin?
  3. @Regolition Just added photos to the resource page, thanks for reminding me about that, completely forgot. :)
  4. Alright, I might use this for Minesmite and EverythingSurvival.
  5. Hello ! Please add song when scary face is activate. And do you give sources please ?
  6. No, I do not add sources, I will consider adding sounds in the future, been working on some other projects. =)
  7. Hey All,

    Fantastic Plugin! I totally recommend using this for your server, it is really cool and it goes great with the holiday!

    My Rating: 4/5
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  8. Love the plugin but the issue I have with it is when using Citizens, it makes all of the statues show up as players in the TAB list. Didn't happen before I used this plugin.
    And when using Holographic Displays, as they're entities, a pumpkin tower appears beneath the holograms.
    Spigot-1.7.9-R0.2-207-g03373bb (Latest Patch)
    Citizens v2.0.13-SNAPSHOT (build 1178)
    Holographic Displays v1.8.7
    Holographic Displays Patch v1.0.7
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  9. @InfinityAspire

    As in statues you mean NPC's? My plugin does not interact with any other plugin, I'll look into this to see if there's anything in the code that'd be causing this.
  10. Yes I mean NPC's spawned by Citizens, sorry I should've specified.
  11. I also have another request, could you make it so the mobs don't instantly despawn when no-one's looking at them or within a radius of them? It seems they despawn/spawn differently than other mobs.
    There's also a problem where a zombie of a player can be a giant so when they do /back they just die instantly.
  12. @InfinityAspire

    What do you mean so the mobs don't instantly de-spawn when no-one's looking at them? This doesn't modify any mob spawning and/or de-spawning. I will also fix the giant issue tomorrow, I'm getting some sleep. :)
  13. Nice plugin :D 10/10
  14. Kool plugin. Thanks,
  15. Awesome plugin! The witch spawning feature may be broken though.
    Also the actually world isn't being changed in any ways, right?
    #16 Johandrex, Oct 27, 2014
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  16. It'd be awesome to include a chance of charged creeper spawning too.
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  17. @johandre No, I do not change any parts of the world at all.
  18. @InfinityAspire Thanks for the idea! I'll add a option for charged creepers soon!
  19. Please add an disable world option
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