1.15.2 Halo energy shield plugin suggestions?

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  1. Built a plugin that gives you an energy shield just like the one in Halo, but I’m not the greatest at visuals. (My lack of fashion ability and patience may be the culprit)

    Any suggestions on how I should make it look?
    I was thinking a helix around the player when shield is regenerating, but it seems like it could get in the way during a battle. (Maybe give the player box the look of the healing wither’s transparent outline? Not sure if that’s even possible)

    I used the bossbar as the Health status for the shield.

    I like the sound of the beacon at low pitch when the shield is regenerating, but I don’t know how to cut a sound off without implementing an extra API, which I’m trying to avoid. Though off the top of my head, I might be able to just change its volume to 0 when player is attacked :p

    Tl:dr What sounds/effects should I implement for things that happen when the energyshield takes damage,Regenerates,breaks, is broken, etc

    thanks in advance :)
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  2. Nobody will be a better judge of what you like than you. Just try different particles and sounds until you're happy with it. Regardless of what others think.
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  3. The sounds ENTITY_ITEM_BREAK, ENTITY_VILLAGER_HURT seem pretty nice for when the shield breaks or is damaged. But as said above, choose whatever you feel like is best for your preferences.
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