Spigot Harbor - A Sleep Enhancement Plugin! 1.6.3

Harbor is a plugin that redefines sleep within your Spigot server!

  1. When you comment them out, the plugin uses the default values from the default configuration. Instead of commenting all of them, just leave one as just "" (blank). That well prevent it from sending anything for that category.
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  2. SpacePuppeh


    Would you mind how the "proportional acceleration" works in more detail? Not sure how fast/slow it goes with how many/few players.

    By the way awesome update, I think most things are now more clear though and it looks more organized in the config.
  3. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but when people are asleep in a bed and then do /afk (essentialsx) they are not counted anymore towards the required sleeping count. So sleeping + /afk requires less people to sleep then just sleeping or just /afk.
  4. That is intended since Harbor automatically pulls AFK player data from Essentials if you have it installed. You can disable AFK checking in the configuration file if you want to remove this.
  5. i like giving people the option to /afk if they cant sleep.. im not so sure about sleeping AND /afk for 1 person, since that adds up to more then 1 total.. thanks for the reply though!
  6. Slight issue; my server allows afk fishing. Players using afk fish farms aren't considered afk. Any ideas?
  7. the plugin has a hook for essentials' afk system, at least im pretty sure it still does, so in essentials, i made it so right click interations would not mark someone as actively playing
  8. I couldn't find a config setting for that.
  9. cancel-afk-on-interact: false
    in essentials config.yml
  10. TechToolbox updated Harbor - A Sleep Enhancement Plugin! with a new update entry:

    A few bug fixes!

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  11. Maybe you could add an option to wait for real sleep?
    sometimes people just want to get in bed to remove phantoms but see the message and I think: well it did not work because people didn't sleep too.

    Most of time people will never sleep again

    if you add a message like: you're rested, stay in bed to skip night
    5 seconds later
    %player% is trying to sleep %remanining%/%max (I don't remember the place holders exactly)

    thanks for the great plugin
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  12. Alright, I love the night skip animation, it looks great and is infinitely superior to instantly changing the time. So what I would like to suggest adds onto that animation. I'd like a command that fast forwards to the specified tick "/harbortime <tick>". Nonetheless, thank you for this resource!
  13. There are several major bugs in this plugin that need to be fixed in some way. This plugin is a downvote for me just due to the sheer amount of server ending bugs.
  14. Which bugs are you referring to? It would be great if you could report them on the GitHub issues page so that I could get them fixed. Personally, I have been running the plugin on my server without issue for months, but I do understand software naturally has bugs, so I'm all ears if there is a particular issue in your use case that needs to be fixed.
  15. Server tps drops when use over 2 weeks for me, it causes the random tick speed to modify when more then one person sleeps, Randomly does not allow for phantoms to spawn [even during nights where everyone does not sleep]. Most of the bugs are posted here though its nice to see there is a github ill go to there next.
  16. Phantoms are never spawning even if i change the config to reset the stats as false and i never slept for 5 days in a row but still phantom didnt spawn where my difficulty is set to hard
  17. Cannot sleep during rain or thunder, settings that are supposed to clear them if it is raining when you sleep are not working.
  18. > daytime-ticks: 1200 # The time in ticks that Harbor considers day
    Isnt there 12000 ticks in a day?
  19. Suggestion:

    Effect for sleeping players. Such as heal/feed when waking up or an effect like luck of speed.
  20. Suggestion: Falloff multiplier variable to be applied to passage of time when below percentage of players required to be sleep when proportional-acceleration is enabled. Minority of players can still speed up night, but those who don't want to sleep can still fight mobs during a shorter night.