Spigot HardZombies 1.3 | Final version

With this plugin, your zombie will be overlords server!

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    HardZombies - With this plugin, your zombie will be overlords server!

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  2. Pretty cool looking plugin. Does it allow you to set the types of blocks that the zombies can break?
  3. Yes. All configurable
  4. You can update more zombie ?
  5. Wow, a friend from down under pointed me in your direction, and after watching the video, (I really liked the chosen music during the 'all hell breaks loose' moment.) i had to say, am i gonna try this, to figure out if the plugin Creeperheal wil restore the damage the zombies are creating?
    So, if not, then i can't use your plugin, but if it does.... LET'S ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Unfortunately, your plugin does not 'hook into' creeperheal... Do i need to report this to the dev of Creeperheal? or are you going to take this opportunity to get this connection made?
    Hey, I am absolutely not telling you what to do, don't get me wrong, but it sure makes your plugin a lot more interesting to serverowners out there...
    I for example, would use your plugin when the connection can be made, and i am surely going to announce it to some other serverowners, to spike their environment out of boredom.
    Thanks if you want to do this, in advance....
  7. Hey. In the future I will contact the author of Kreiperhal and try to make compatibility of plugins
  8. hey baksovic ive got an issue, in the config file i got this
    DropBlock: false
    # Breaking the blocks, only when zombie has target
    BreakIfTarget: false
    # The interval between the attempt to break the block (Time in ticks 40 - 2 seconds)
    Speed: 40
    # The distance at which the zombies can break blocks
    DistanceBreak: 3
    DefaultDurability: 70
    - '85:0;5'
    # Enable or disable the ability to place blocks
    Enable: false
    # The interval between the attempt to place the block (Time in ticks 50 - 2.5 seconds)
    Speed: 50
    # The maximum height of the pillars
    Height: 10
    # The chance that the zombies will put the block (MAX 100)
    Chances: 30
    # Enable or disable the ability super jump
    Enable: false
    # The interval between the attempt super jump (Time in ticks 80 - 4 seconds)
    Speed: 80
    # The chance that the zombies will super jump (MAX 100)
    Chances: 30
    # Jump height
    Height: 2.0
    # Jump strength
    Strength: 1
    I want the zombies to ONLY break fences i got the id 85, data value as 0, and durablitiy to 5 (just to test it out) but instead they are breaking everyblock around em. what did i do wrong?
  9. Fixed
  10. Please tell me the song title what u used in video
  11. This is a good plugin I hope he supports
    Obsidian wall takes 30 seconds to destroy
    Emerald walls need 20 seconds to destroy
    Gold need 15 seconds
  12. Hello! Love the plugin :) Is the source code available anywhere to look at, by any chance?
  13. great plugin! can you add worldguard and feudal support?

  14. Hello. What a great work. It can perfectly replace abandoned MonsterApocalypse plugin. List of my suggestions:
    1. Zombies checks for special WorldGuard flag.
    2. Block-place sounds can be configurable.
    3. Id for placed blocks can be configurable.
    4. Play block-break effect on block destroy by Zombies.
  15. Unsure on how to give more details, but just this spams in my console. Had to reload with plugman.
    Server Version: 1.12.2
  16. @baksovic Hi
    BlockPlace — it works awfully.
    I understand the mob should put the unit when it is necessary to achieve the goal, or if he needs to get out of the pit.
    But mobs put blocks without need. They just litter - it's stupid.

    Mobs can put blocks in private! (WorldGuard)


    P.S. I'm afraid to allow breaking the blocks if they start breaking the privates.